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Rolling hills in the backdrop of Wicklow.

Dublin Day 2

We awoke in our hotel room and decided to partake in the free breakfast in the kitchen on the first floor of our building.   All 3 of us corralled into the small room and sat down for an Irish breakfast.  Our waitress was very friendly and asked us all about ourselves and told us a little more about Ireland.  On the menu were eggs, ham, and black pudding.  I didn’t question anything but Mueller had asked the eternal question “What’s exactly in the black pudding?”  She promised she’d tell only after we ate a bite of it.  Mueller and Colin refused to eat without knowing, but I the ever adventurous diner dug right in.  The pudding itself was kinda bland and dry and didn’t really satisfy.

Catholic Church in Wicklow
  Not that it was disgusting, just nothing that I’d order again for taste reasons.  After I ate it she divulged the key ingredient of pig’s blood.  No big deal I thought, but Colin and Mueller stood by their boycott of the dish.

After we left the breakfast we made our way to the bus station to find a ride out of Dublin.  On the way there we got completely turned around and found ourselves walking in this alley that had brick walls on both sides that went up about 20 feet.  We were starting to get worried that we wouldn’t find our bus when we saw a pub.  We stepped inside and asked the bartender for directions.  In a very cheerful reply he gave us perfect directions to the depot. 

The night before we spoke with a few different people about where to go for a quick trip out of town and many told us to visit Wicklow.

Mueller and his new hat with a new (now old) Guinness.
  We bought our bus tickets for Wicklow at about 12Euro a piece round trip and then waited at the station for our bus to drive us away. 

The bus itself was a nice tour bus with air conditioning and nice seats.  We drove out of Dublin and then along a road for about an hour or so.  Along the way we saw a lot of farms, sheep, and some beautiful landscape.   After the ride we were dropped off in front of a pub in Wicklow and instructed that the bus would pick us back up at a few different times during the day.  This gave us more than enough time for us to wander around the town.

Our first stop was to a church that we saw from the road.  We climbed these stairs up to the Catholic church and made our way inside.  The name of the church escapes me, but what a beautiful church it was.

Wicklow's Coastline along the Irish Sea.
  We were alone inside the church and had the opportunity to walk around and view the stained glass as well as the alter.  There was a section of prayer candles and I lit a few for passed friends and family. 

When I told my mom that I was going to Ireland she gave me two rosaries that my grandmother kept with her.  I promised that I would drop off Grandma’s belongings in Ireland since she never had the chance to make it there herself.  Outside the church I found a nice spot within view of a statue of the Virgin Mary and there I dug a small hole and deposited one of Grandma’s rosaries. 

We left the church grounds and made our way towards town where we stopped and did a little shopping.

Black Castle next to the Irish Sea.
  Mueller bought a very nice Irish hat, Colin wasn’t feeling well so we found a pharmacy. 

The Gaol (Jail) in Wicklow is considered a tourist spot as it once housed Billy Byrne, the leader of the 1798 Rebellion.  It is here that he was later executed.  We then ventured down the road to the ruins of the Black Castle.  This 12th Century castle had been reduced to near rubble due to years of attack and fire.  It now is simply a few windows that overlook the Irish Sea.  The hike to the castle is absolutely breath taking.  We all sat here for a spell and enjoyed the sea breeze and the view.  Off in the distance you could see a golf course on the shore of the sea.

Statue commemorating Billy Byrne and the Irish Rebellion. Oddly enough, Mr. Byrne met his end via execution not far from this statue.
  If only I had brought my sticks.

It is also here that I decided to give back Grandma’s other rosary.  I threw the rosary from the Castle’s wall and now it resides in the sea.  I imagine she would have enjoyed knowing that it lays there today.   I climbed down to the sea and grabbed some stones and then we started our way back into Wicklow town. 

We stopped for a dinner at a river side restaurant named The Bridge Tavern.  Located along the Leitrim River and with a great balcony that overlooks the river and rock bridge.  The restaurant seemed empty, which is normally a sign of bad food, but not at this little Gem.  Mueller and I both ordered the Lamb which was possibly the best meal that I had had on our trip.

Colin and I outside the Bridge Tavern
  Each bite was juicy and flavorful and fell into my fork.  The portion was almost too much, and after he received a taste, it left Colin in envy.  He promised if he ever found his way to The Bridge Tavern again that he’d take our advice. 

After leaving The Bridge, we went and found our spot for our bus to take us back to the city.  Luckily for us, it was right in front of a pub.  We went inside and had a Guinness to help with the 30 minute wait.  The bus ride was nice and restful and I slept most of the way anticipating a big night.

Once back in Dublin it was getting late so we decided to stay around the hotel area.  We found a few different bars to hang out at and went back to the hotel to rest up for the night as we were flying to London the next day.

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TRE69 says:
A very moving anecdote about your grandmother's rosaries...very sweet! I am headed to Dublin too...I hope to see the Wicklow Coastline as well!
Posted on: Nov 02, 2007
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Rolling hills in the backdrop of W…
Rolling hills in the backdrop of …
Catholic Church in Wicklow
Catholic Church in Wicklow
Mueller and his new hat with a new…
Mueller and his new hat with a ne…
Wicklows Coastline along the Iris…
Wicklow's Coastline along the Iri…
Black Castle next to the Irish Sea.
Black Castle next to the Irish Sea.
Statue commemorating Billy Byrne a…
Statue commemorating Billy Byrne …
Colin and I outside the Bridge Tav…
Colin and I outside the Bridge Ta…
Downtown Wicklow.
Downtown Wicklow.
The namesake of The Bridge Tavern.
The namesake of The Bridge Tavern.
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Colin and the Irish Sea, Black Ca…
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Mueller, Myself, and Colin enjoyi…
Me outside the Catholic Church.
Me outside the Catholic Church.
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