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Our hotel in Temple Bar


We booked a flight to Dublin while in an internet café in Amsterdam.  The flight via Aer Lingus was around one hundred Euro and left out of Schipol.  The flight was a nice flight, budget, but nice.  It was also nice to be in air conditioning again while traveling.  The heat was a balmy 90+ degrees and sticky. 

I remember flying into Dublin looking out the window and seeing the Irish Sea.  My mother’s side of the family proudly touts their Irish heritage and I too have proudly worn the shamrock on my sleeve for as long as I can remember.  Whenever I think of Ireland I think of my Grandmother and I thought of her as we approached the Emerald Isle.

Oddly enough, this is the closest I got to the Brewery.

After touching down we were led onto the tarmac where I was once again reminded of the heat.  Immediate sweat poured out of us.  After grabbing our luggage we boarded a double decker bus that took us into Dublin.  We found a hotel named the River House Hotel in a part of Dublin known as Temple Bar.  It’s right next to the River Liffey and is quite the tourist trap.  We had scheduled for two to sleep at the hotel as to save money.  When Mueller and Colin were checking in I stepped next door to wait for them to pass off the hotel key to me.  After successfully sneaking me in we went bar hopping.  It was kinda late in the day, towards 4 or 5, so seeing the sights wasn’t really in the cards.

The River Liffey near our Hotel. "The River of Life" is often used in traditional songs and text. Also has a great boardwalk.

We had dinner at a pub in Temple Bar.  A traditional Irish dinner (I guess) of shepherds pie and Guiness.  After dinner we traveled around the area from tourist bar to tourist bar, at each stop having a Guiness and a splash of Paddy Irish Whiskey.  It’s the cheaper whiskey but we’ve all had Bushmill’s back in the states so we decided on the local swill.

We tired quickly of Temple Bar and started wandering around the outside neighborhoods by foot.  We stumbled across a great little hole in the wall pub and decided to hang there for a while.  We all bellied up to the bar for our Guiness and Paddy when I met this somewhat intoxicated Dubliner who I quickly made friends with.  Sitting around this little pub we got to listen to some amazingly hammered yet wonderful voiced elderly Irishman do his best rendition of a Pearl Jam song.  I’m not the biggest fan of cover bands, but a cover band this wasn’t.  Some guy just came in and brought his guitar with him and the regulars at the bar were singing with him.  Even if it was a cover of a Seattle band, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Hell, every other bar had the typical Irish folk band playing “Whiskey in the Jar” so oddly enough, this seemed more original!

We stayed until closing then stumbled our way back to our 2 star hotel. 

Tomorrow – Get out of Dublin into the countryside!

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Our hotel in Temple Bar
Our hotel in Temple Bar
Oddly enough, this is the closest …
Oddly enough, this is the closest…
The River Liffey near our Hotel.  …
The River Liffey near our Hotel. …
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