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Yesterday, we went to a place called edo wonderland.  its basically a renaissance fair for Japan.  it was a lot of fun.  there was a cool ninja show and we went inside this sideways house.  everything was lopsided.  it made me very dizzy, but it was really cool.  we went to a geisha comedy show.  they don:t tell you, but they pick someone from the audience that doesn:t speak japanese, and have them be one of the characters.  it was really funny.  yesterday, they picked Mike from our group, who didn:t speak any japanese. it was really funny.  he would just nod and everyone in teh audience would laugh.  edo wonderland was a lot of fun.

Last night, we arrived in tokyo, which was a 3 hour drive in a bus from nikko.

  it was cool when we were on the highway arriving in tokyo for the first time.  the view from my room at the hostel is really amazing.  the hostel is weird because its separated by gender. we get our own rooms, and the boys are in a completely different building.  there are no american type showers.  its basically this huge washroom with a jacuzzi like bath that you keep with water in all day. you are supposed to wash yourself before using a bath.  we had to wake up at like 3.30 to head over to the famous tsukiji market  by 6 (we had to meet at 4.30 am) and i stumbled into the bathroom, in the wee hours of the morning.  i didn`t know it was a bathroom like that!  you basically sit on a stool and have to fill up water in a bucket from a detachable showerhead.
  after the onsen adventure in nikko, i didn:t have a problem getting naked in a big shower room (its not public because its within our suite), but it was just annoying that i couldn:t just take a quick shower.

the tsukiji market was insane!  it`s not really for tourists, but its for businesses to buy fish.  they had big frozen and fresh full tuna fish, selling for about 10,000 dollars for the whole thing. yes, that:s dollars!  otherwise, 1,000,000 yen.  i saw a really sad thing though.  i saw an eel trying to breathe after getting his throat slashed.  it was really sad.  i wish i didnt see it because i love eating eel!  i don:t want to see it before hand!  it is really crowded and there are these electric cards that are going really fast, and you have to be really careful not only because of  their speed, but also because the roads are extremely narrow, only big enough for really one or two people side by side to walk through.


after that, we went to a sushi shop right across from the market, so you know teh fish is good and fresh!  it was the best sushi i had ever tasted and it was paid for by some foundation sponsoring hofstras asian studies department.  hurrah!  i had tuna, squid, scallop, and all sorts of sushi! there was one sushi  that i think was sardine or something, i don:t know, but it looked like a freaking centipede.  it was really gross to look at. felicia didn:t want to eat it either, but we just closed our eyes and ate it.  i still didn:t like it...

well, Japan is really fun, and i can:t wait for more!  i cant believe its only 10:30am.  it feels like 3 in the afternoon thanks to that early morning.  I think we`re going to a karaoke bar tonight.  I can`t wait! i have my camera with me at the manga cafe i am at right now, but i don:t have my usb card reader, so i will put pictures up later!


alexbn1 says:
Hope you do post some picks, Glad your liking the sushi I just ate some tonight with my dad, I'm sure it doesn't fare in comparison. I love you, miss you, and it sounds like a great time lady, keep it up!
Posted on: Jul 10, 2007
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