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Alright, now, Harajuku is the fashion district in tokyo, where you can get really funky clothing.  of course, i went crazy with my back account, but my purchases were awesome. everythign was soooo cute!  unfortunately, when we went, my camera broke, but its ok because i went to akihabara and bought an even better camera! and its pink!

In case you didn`t notice from the last post, I dyed my hair blonde.  Don`t kill me mom.  Actually, it looks rather nice, and everyone else wants to dye their hair too!  I went to a place in harajuku called "Tribe".  According to my professor, its a famous hair salon, but i didnt know that.  actually, the head of the salon who co-dyed my hair went to Adelphi!  Can you believe it???  Anyway, they`re probably famous because they give amazing head massages while they are washing your hair.........

So apparently, it is every Japanese man`s obsession to "see" a girl with blonde hair. i wish i knew that before.  after my hair was dyed, within five minutes around walking in Shinjuku, two business men approached me.  One said, "kawaii" in this goofy voice, while the other one made "chi chi" noises.  Very strange.

I went to Harajuku again with felicia and laura a few days later, and this guy named Akira started talking to me.  After some small talk, he asked, "do you have an email address?"  And I replied, "No."  Hehehehehe.  I was then waiting at the train station, eating a hamburger, when this young japanese man approached me, asking if i spoke japanese (in japanese of course).  I replied in Japanese that I spoke a little.  He then asked me if i wanted to hang out with him.  Now, I was scared for a couple minutes because the verb to hang out, "asoubu" also means "to play."  I then realized that it was the first one, especially when he made the drinking motion.  I slimply replied in Japanese that I was waiting for a friend.  Now there`s something they don`t teach you in those Japanese textbooks!

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photo by: maka77