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Yesterday was awesome.  I finally got to meet my pen pal, Ritsuko, from Tokyo!  She was really nice!  We went to this place called Osakaya, and had okonomiyaki and monja.  What is cool about this place is that you make the food yourself.  Okonomiyaki is kind of like a pancake/omelette.  It was really good.  Monja was good too.  The tokyo version is called monja, and it is a lot thinner and more water based.  but it is oh-so-good.  It was sad to leave ritsuko because she was so nice and we had so much fun during the hour i got to hang out with her before heading over to....

The Ghibli Museum!!

Now, the Ghibli Museum is dedicated to the works of amazing anime director/animator/god Hayao Miyazaki.  some of his films include Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and My Neighbor Totoro.

  Unfortunately, you cant take any pictures in the museum.  it would be so backed up already.  He is so popular, you also have to buy your tickets a month in advance.  He made his own version of the three bears story, and you can sit in these huuuuge seats at a huge table and pretend to eat huuuuge bowls of porridge.  It was really cool.  We also got to see a little short film that he made in a little theatre they had inside the museum. it was cute.  One of the really cool things i saw, and appreciated being a film major and all, was the storyboards to his movies.  They were so intricate and detailed.  They were even watercolored.  I also got to see a "replica" room based on his office.  Definitely awesome.

There`s this little water pump outside and we decided to take some pictures, considering you couldn`t take them inside.

  I asked felicia to take a picture of me pumping out water.  After she took the picture, a Japanese teenager walked up to me and asked to take a picture with me.  I was competely confused.  She walked over to the water pump.  I thought she wanted me to take a picture of her, but she never gave me a camera.  I said i was confused, and just stood there.  Then, i look over and see her friend with a camera.  She then says again, "can i take a picture with you?"  I realize strangely enough, that she wanted one "with" me.  I agree and pose for a picture.  It was very strange......everyone else on the trip says i should be flattered!  I was.

After the museum, some of us parted ways with the group and went to Shibuya, the young and cool and hip part of tokyo.

  We checked out the disney store and a figurines shop.  We then went to this restaurant that had all you can eat/drink.  It was kind of like the place i went to with Ritsuko, but instead of pancake like food, they give you raw meat.  It was awesome!!!! We made our own steak and clams, and chicken.  It was really good.  Some 20-something japanese guys were at this table across from us making a lot of noise and lifting up their shirts to each other. It was weird.

We started talking to these Japanese boys behind us, and it was really funny. mostly because they were drunk. but i got to practice my japanese skills.  I even showed them funky forest on my ipod.  they loved it.  They were nice. they told us how to say "separate checks" in Japanese!

superduperfantastic says:
when i was in japan, i never got the chance to check out studio ghibli - so jealous! :)
Posted on: Jul 18, 2007
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photo by: maka77