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After an awesome night of sushi and karaoke, we left VERY EARLY (6AM) from Tokyo.  It was very sad. I was interested in other places to go to in Japan, but very reluctant to leave Tokyo.  Especially since it marked the halfway part of the trip.

We leave Tokyo by a coach bus and reach a little village called Shirakawago.  It was a very mountainous place, and they have a little touristy village where you can check out some period type houses and go to gift shops and things like that.  Not too exciting, but it was cool to see.  At one point, Mike, Me, Nate, Denize-san, and Kyle walk into this one house.  The door was open,so we walked in.  We take off our shoes and start taking pictures.
  There was this cool diarama that I took a picture of.  We start to walk around the house, and we hear people talking and a rice cooker going.  We realized that it was someone's actual house, so we ran out of there.  Apparently, people live there, kind of like a reservation like in the States.

While checking out the giftshop, I saw a very strange statue of an old lady hugging a huge penis.  Very strange.  Sounded like something out of A Clockwork Orange.  Hopefully a crazy old lady won't get impaled with it by Malcolm McDowell.

We leave the park around 4 or 5  and arrive in Takayama that night.  It was a small town.  After a huge adventure finding food, we ate at another restaurant where you cook your own food.
  It's kinda fun though.  Restaurants like that probably wouldn't do well in America because they want their food asap.  But it was fun, and I had some good Sapporo, which I'm always in the mood for.

After dinner, I was ready to hit up a Japanese bar.  I had yet to go to one.  Me, Mike, Kim, Sue, and Edwin decide to wander around Takayama and see what there was.  We found this "pub" called "Junks."  We thought it had a funny name, so we walked right in.  It was a very small place.  We sit at the table instead of the bar.  The bar owner, Tetsuo, was totally awesome.  He was so cute and making drinks as fast as he could.  They didn't speak any english in there, so I was the translator of the group.  He made for us popcorn and a sort of noodle cole slaw, which was really good.
  After we had a drink, he came to our table and gave us slices of ham with some mayo on it (the japanese put mayo on everything!).  He was so awesome!

I decided to put my Japanese language skills to the test, and started to talk to Tetsuo.  He was really cool, and I understood a lot of what he was saying.  Soon after, a young and drunk 20-something guy stumbled in.  Speaking in Japanese, I understood that his girlfriend broke up with him and that he was heartbroken.  He said that he hated girls and asked if i had a boyfriend.  Oh boy!  I eventually did my rounds and ended up talking to probably everybody in the place.  The later it got, the more young people came in. It was cool.  Strangest thing tho, there was a flat screen tv in there that played weird homo-erotic 80s music videos.  I thought it just looked kinda gay, but then it showed this guy touching himself on this boat and cut to his other male friend rowing the boat.  Very strange indeed.
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photo by: Eric