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the whisky brew of Japan, of course. those were on display by the temples. they actually aren't used for worship but to have a grand old time.

Hello everyone!  Being in Japan is crazy, especially since I haven't really been out of the country since I was 13.  Japan is very different from America.  We don't have daylight savings over here, and the sun sets at about 6 pm, with the sun rising at about 4.  Not very fun when Kim and I forgot to shut the curtains in our huge window yesterday morning! 

I'm actually speaking a lot of Japanese here, more than I would think.  Out of the students, me and denize-san are the only ones that speak Japanese.  It's really cool though.  We went to a ramen shop yesterday, and I successfully guided our taxi back to our hotel.  I'm ordering and everything in restaurants.  It's just like out of a textbook!  Also, as Welch-Sensei puts it, Nikko is like the "ohio of Japan" so not a lot of people speak English, which is good for me!  I was chatting with the owner of our hotel last night, and it was really cool!

The first day (or two) was interesting.

Shrines in the place behind our hotel in this forest, in memory of deceased infants and aborted babies.
  I slept about two hours on the plane, and stayed up until we went to sleep around 10:30.  So, I was in fact up for more than 24 hours.  We got to our hotel and went to the onsen, which are basically Japanese hot springs.  Interestingly enough, you have to be completely naked in it.  There's a huge wash room where you have to bath and clean yourself before going into the hot springs.  Now, this was really crazy considering we didn't even really know each other.  Luckily it was separated by gender!  Once we got over that we were all women, it wasn't bad at all.  It was actually really neat to embrace the culture so drastically like that.  The onsens are really hot so it made us all really tired, and I slept like an "akachan!"

Yesterday we went touring the temples in Nikko and they were so beautiful.  Also, behind our hotel was this memorial like forest, with shrines and a huge stream, where the locals fish for their food.  It was really awesome.

The roads in Japan are really scary and narrow.  A lot of times, in one way streets, you have to completely stop the car so another car can get by!

Chelle333 says:
Hey Katie- It's Mrs. K- wait- I mean Michelle! Your mom fowarded me your blog. You look great and like you are having fun!
Posted on: Jul 10, 2007
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the whisky brew of Japan, of cours…
the whisky brew of Japan, of cour…
Shrines in the place behind our ho…
Shrines in the place behind our h…
he had some funny things to say.
he had some funny things to say.
most of my pictures here are of pe…
most of my pictures here are of p…
yeah, hilarious.
yeah, hilarious.
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