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And so having left Krakow behind we are now in our final destination before leaving Europe and heading off to Russia - slightly scary but it will all be fine!

The maps of Warsaw claim that the city, of which 85% of was destoyed in WW2, is shining once again and has stolen back the crown of cultural capital of Poland from Krakow.  I can confirm that this is in face a lie.  There is ultimately no comparison between the two.  For the first time on this trip, when we left the Warsaw Central station I felt that I was in a city.  The high rise buildings twinned with the hum of city traffic gave me that city feelings which I love.  But, rather disappointingly, it was that feeling I like rather than the city.  It's not that I didn't like the city as there really wasn't a vast amount to like or dislike.  We went to the Old (at least 70 years old - completely rebuilt in original style after the War) Town on a first full day here and it was just a square with a monument in the middle.  Bearing in mind we had just left the amazing Main square of Krakow.  Rather dull to say the least.  It was a working city much like Gloucester just with a few high rise buildings.  What it did do though was allow us to take a well deserved break without feeling guilty about not seeing all the sights.  It was great to chill for a day, catch up on the blog and take it easy for a change.

One thing that I have notice and admire so much is the bond between travellers and the community it creates.  On our first night we made friends with the people in our room and spent the evening chatting and drinking away, sharing stories, tips, do & don'ts, and our whole life histories.  What a great atmosphere.  Yesterday evening Sam and I were sat in the hostel bar (surprise surpise..!) and an English girl from Surrey came and joined us.  She was travelling alone and just wanted some people to chat to and we were those people.  Just a random stranger.  But such a great way to spend the evening.  We ended up going out for a meal with her - a huge portion of sweet and sour chicken with rice and a beer for 3GBR, can't complain with that!  The traveller community share everything if people need something we have.  Whether it be alcohol, soap, or foot cream, there is some willing stranger ready to give.  Such a great experience.  Although it would be slightly weird if we all shared our foot cream back in 'real-life' its certainly a nice ideal.

And so, Russia tomorrow!  Whenever we tell someone where we are going (which much like the traditional taxi driver talk, what time do you finish? How long you been on for? Been busy? Etc, the first thing people ask is where your from and where you've been and going), we always get the same response to the word 'Russia.'  They normally stand, amazed and repeat 'RUSSIA?!' - rather loudly.  Now, I've yet to figure out quite how to take this.  It is either...

1.  'Wow! Russia!  Thats amazing, I really wish we were going there.'

Or, the rather more likely one of...

2.  'RUSSIA?! Are you (insert chosen expletative here) $?%§$*§* crazy? You're going to die!

Well, I have no doubt that we will indeed survive our trip.  I'm so excited, I'm like a kid in a sweet store at the moment!  I have it all planned out in typical sytle - The Kremlin, Lenin Museum...a trend somewhere?

Just a few other things.  I got my Btec Performing Arts results yesterday and got Triple Distinction!  And Sam got the same.  Just the proper qualification of A level politics to go! 

Also, thank you to everyone reading this, had some very cool feedback and so far it has been read over 425 times!  So thats made me feel good.

Hope everything where you are is just groovy and will see you all soon.  Today is day 18 of our travel and so that leaves just 10 days left.  Where has the time gone?

Alex x
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photo by: scarlettwitch