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With a title like that, I can only be talking of course about one city on our train; Munich or Munchen meaning Monk.  The symbol of Munich was formerly a very stern looking monk carrying his bible, over time and as modern PR men and women became more and more drunk on the 6 major brewers in Munich alone, he turned a little more 'feminine', a bit younger, and swaped the dusty bible for a litre glass of beer. 

My expectations of Munich were low, and coming from Berlin I expected it to be an anti-climax and really rather disappointing.  I was completely wrong!  What I didn't find in Berlin, I found in Munich, and what I found found in Berlin, was still present, albeit not as good, as in Berlin.  Much like the German capital it was a city of nearly two halves.  By day the city was a buzzing.  Being more centralised it captured the vibe and energy of locals and tourists and made you feel so glad you'd stopped off to visit. 

We kicked off with the free walking tour (same company as in Berlin) with our great guide Matt.  He picked us up at our hostel and it was just the 3 of us and we thought we were in for a very personal tour of the city!  Thankfully we met up with some more people in Marienplatz which housed the Glockenspeil.  One of the biggest disappointments!  Supposedly the focal point of Munich - it was just ridiculous.  As Matt so rightly pointed out.  We took in all the major attractions and took the route that Hitler took when we tried to shoot his way to power in 1923.  It was weird and surreal to imagine being in a place where so much had taken place, so much devastation. 

The visit to the Hofbrauhaus was one of the highlights of the tour.  This is a the biggest and most famous beer house in the city and was such a fun place to be.  Beer is only served by the litre and so we had to oblige!  Even I, a typically non-beer drinker, got involved and strangely liked it.  The beer culture is like none other here.  They have different types of beer for different meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And even a summer and winter beer selection so ensure that no matter what time, day, weather or month - the beer is perfect.  You can order beer with your Subway or your Macdonalds, and you begin to wonder, exactly how low is the drink-drive limit?!  As well as the beer we took in some of the local cuisine and tried the white veal sausages and pretzels - pretty nice actually.

We attempted to go on the pub crawl as we had done in Berlin (an insane night!).  Our past experience of the New Europe pub crawl was of over 100 drunk tourists running wild in Berlin.  Then in Munich, it was cancelled because not enough people turned up!  Slightly gutting!  However, it would never have lived up to Berlin and could have been more disappointing doing it than not.  We headed back to the hostel bar and spent much of the night there!  Woops... budgeting seems to have gone out the window!

I'm writing this blog from Vienna and hopefully that blog will appear tonight as well, but maybe not.  We're both good here.  Sam continues to be run down by blood-thirsty city cyclists who seem to not just pass her but aim for her - although walking in the cycle path may not be helping...

Munich seemed much more German.  It was less friendly than Berlin although equally as cosmopolitan.  If Beriln was Nazism, Art and Partying - Munich is Beer, Germanic and social.   A great city with a brilliant day life and a social nightlife although not the partying scene Berlin harboured.

No really major thoughts here, just a summary of Munich.  I feel that things with somewhat always now be compared with Berlin, not just because it was our first stop, but because it was a fantastic city.  Both we such a long way still to go, who knows what else we will find.

Hope your all fine and keeping you heads above the water!  Can't get over how bad it is at home. 

All for now.  See you all soon,  Alex x

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photo by: AleksandraEa