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At last, I have found the city that I was looking for!  Last night Sam and I saw a completely different side to the city - all through the most buzzing and lively pub crawl I've been on!  It kicked off at 8:15 with a free keg of beer for everone, then followed by 3 bars, a club, free shots with every drink and free vodka and orange shots as you moved between bars -  needless to say, we loved it!  There were well over 100 of us all marching through Berlin and the excellent crawl leaders even navigated us on the U-Bahn - which if you imagine 100 rather drunk tourists, you appreciate that thats not an easy task!  A lot of shot drinking, a flood of beer, cage dancing and over 200 pictures later we collapsed in our beds at 04:30.  Then up at 9 to leave for Munich.

So the finally thoughts of Berlin.  Well as I said in my last blog, I hadn't really found the city that I was expecting.  But in the end, I found it.  We found the highrise buildings and the modern city world and then onto the amazing nightlife that has tourists buzzing about Berlin no matter what part of the world they come from.

Two things stick in my mind :  Alcohol and the English Language.  Firstly alcohol.  In Berlin certainly  (but I expect throughout Germany) there is a different drinking culture.  Whereas we English binge on alcohol, the German just don't seem to stop.  Alcohol is seen as we would see any soft drink.  For example, in Subway you can get a bottle of becks just as you would a bottle of coke.  Everyone is street drinking and even on the tubes.  Its pretty weird to see seeing as we have none of that at home.  The English Language has also been very interesting.  Everyone, regardless of age, speaks fluent English.  All the signs have an English translation.  Every announcement made is translated into English.  I went looking for a copy of Harry Potter and sure enough, the first book store I came to only sold the English version!  Just imagine going to London and trying to buy a German book, not really happening.  As someone with a passion for languages, I feel humbled that they all speak my language, but also embarrased at mine, as Englands, inability and lack of desire to reciprocate that learning.  We had a few funny moments last night with language but between the Americans - some odd expressions that mean very different things in English - not so appropriate for here! 

Last night I was chatting to an American (named Hunter) and an Israeli (a lawyer) about money and pricing in Berlin.  I was saying how cheap it was here.  They were shocked.  For them it is hugely expensive.  Just seemed odd to the same price can be two extremes.  There are a lot of Americans here and a lot of Australians and not really found any English people yet!  As is typical me, I'm no good as this budgeting lark.  Its easy to set yourself say 30EUR a day but like tomorrow we are doing the tour of Munich and then the pub crawl so is going to be cost more than my daily allowance, and yet today we've travelled all day so has cost a lot less.  It all evens out but is a nightmare to organise.  I'm just no good at this budgeting thing!  Thank god for my Mastercard for October!

I'm in Munich now, even though it says I'm in Berlin.  Just thought it was more fitting for my final thoughts of Berlin to be from Berlin, even though Im actually not there!  Got 2 nights in Munich now and then off to Vienna so the next two stops are going to be short and hectic.  It raining pretty hard in Berlin this morning but nothing compared to what the UK seems to be going through.

Leave me some comments and let me know what you are all up to,

See you soon Alex x

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photo by: CFD