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Wow!  Where am I?  2 days ago I was in Munich, yesterday I woke up in Vienna, spent the day in Budapest, Hungary, travelled overnight through Slovakia and woke up this morning in Prague.  Pretty incredible!  But I'm paying the price, this morning after a pretty awful overnight train journey I was so incredibly tired. 

The observant of those amongst you will be thinking, "Hey up! Budapest? Thats not on the plan?" And yes, you would be very right.  So, we arrived into Vienna on Tuesday evening and although we navigated the underground fine, the map and directions they had given us just didnt correspond with where the hostel actually was!  After asking some locals, who sent us in completely the wrong direction we asked a nice taxi man and turned out it was 2 streets away.  Typical.  It turned out that we were in Student Accomodation that turns into a hostel in the summer and although the rooms were good and clean, it wasn't a hostel so didnt have much info or any of the facilities we got used to in the slightly more upper class hostels of Meininger in Germany.

It's not that we didn't like Vienna, but we didn't overly like it!  Theres a big different between a tourist and a traveller and Vienna is perfect for the tourist but pretty dull for the latter.  If you want to go to a city, see a monument, click the shutter on your camera so you can say you've seen a great monument - it's great.  Also the hundreds of art galleries and museums is paradise for those who like it, but, it really wasn't us.  There was no buzz about the city.  Berlin has that amazing atmosphere entwined withs its rich history and culture, and although different, Munich shared much of that.  Vienna just didn't float my boat.  So instead of staying in Vienna for the day and then catching the night train to Prague, we took the short trip to Budapest, Hungary.

After a week of pretty intense sightseeing and travelling there is nothing that a good day in the thermal baths of Budapest to relax you and give you that energy back!  So thats what we did.  We only had 7 hours to enjoy Budapest before leaving for Prague and so we spent all afternoon in the baths.  Was so good to stop and enjoy the sun and be in the pool. 

One of the things I've been thinking about over the past few days is the idea of the 'travellers perspective'or Travel Vision.  We've seen 4 cities in 4 days - which when you stand back from, is a pretty incredible thing.  We have been constantly on the go and have had no time, and will have no time, to step back and reflect of the experiences that we have.  Not until we come back home.  We''re stuck in the thick of it, rushing from one train, one city, one country, to another.  When you're here, you don't appreciate just how amazing the experiences you having are. 

After the baths in Budapest, we headed back to the train station.  Having already booked our seats we had nothing to worry about - or so we thought.  We soon realised that the coach number didn't actually exist.  Being thrown back to different ends of the train by different people, I became a little worried that we would be spending the night at the station.  Thankfully this one guy decided to help us out, and although, as it later transpired, sent us into completely the wrong place, we got onto the train.  It didn't matter at all anyway as the seats weren't part of the ticket, just the reservation so we found some seats and settled down.  With a 10 hour journey ahead we settled down.  One problem.  The window was jammed.  It was freezing!  With no other seats free we stuck in out all night freezing.  I managed to get some sleep but Sam had no hope.  We arrived in Prague less refreshed than before we started.  Making our way to the hostel was fine and we got there just as reception opened at 07:00.  But we could't check in until 12!  They eventually let us check in at 9am as we had both fallen asleep in the reception on the sofa and probably wasn't a good sign for business!  Our room is really nice with some great people in the room. 

We crashed out all day and when I woke up about midday I felt a bit down really.  Missing home a bit and just asking myself, "What the hell am I doing?"  The tiredness was not helping, and finally stopping wasn't good.  The manic 4 days and then suddenly we had the day free, I felt lost and not really sure what I was doing.  We went and found the Spar shop which was in a big Cribbs Causeway.  This made me feel a bit more at home!  We got some food and was feeling good again.  There is even a Tesco here (just been to buy some alcohol!). 

We have 4 nights in Prague which is a really nice thought so finally be able to take things slower.  Another free tour tomorrow will be good, then I'm dragging same to a 3 floor club!  Clubbing isn't really Sam's thing, but a bit of vodka before and she'll be doing the funky chicken all night! 

I'm good now, still pretty tired but surviving.  In my head the whole trip is split into 3 sections, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, then Prague, Krakow, Warsaw, and then finally Russia and Estonia.  So we are now in the middle phase and approaching our half way point.  It is our half way country if not half way in terms of days. 

I'm going to upload some photos tomorrow - brace yourselves!

Hope the flood is getting better, although I suspect probably not.  Keep smiling none the less.  Speak to you all soon,

Alex x


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photo by: vulindlela