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Rebecca and Father trapped by the over enthusiastic level crossing

So here we are with a proper day out planned and everything!


Today's itinerary was to catch the train out along the Rhein to Geisenheim and from there take a walk over the hills, through the multitude of vines that cover them.  Stopping off at a couple of vineyards we would finish up at Oestrich-Winkel and catch the return train home.


Guisenheim it transpires is a small sleepy little village just below Rudesheim.  We didn't really spend that much time there - all we did was get off the train, find the route which we were due to follow and then set off up onto the hill.


As we left the station it was necessary to cross the railway track to get to the main path out of the village.

A street in Geisenheim
  As this is hardly a bustling place the route across was made via a level crossing.  As we were duly half way across the tracks the crossing alarm went off and the gates suddenly crashed down almost tapping us on the line itself.  We scattered in both directions and just managed to avoid getting trapped and coming face to face with an onrushing train.  Nothing like a bit of forewarning!


Having negotiated this obstacle it was time to commence our expedition.  The hills up and down the Rhein valley are covered with rows and rows of vines, all heavy with their fruit.


Whilst this can make for a very picturesque scene it also makes them very difficult to navigate.  There are several walks marked out along the hillsides here, each with it’s own little icon.  With the aid of a guidebook the idea is you follow the icons which are located at convenient points long the path the direct you along.


All well and good - but walking amongst the vines is somewhat like hiking through a massive maze - everything looks alike; just rows and rows of grapes.  The icons are of course cleverly hidden so that they are very easy to miss and before you know it you’re completely lost, trooping up hill and down dale not knowing where you are.


And guess what happened to us?  And do you think we ended up arguing about the directions?

dougal says:
I've located the village fete so it's moved to it's own entry now...
Posted on: Jul 06, 2007
dougal says:
Well it was only later I discovered I hadn't got a decent memory card in the camera that I'd borrowed so was rationing pictures. I do have more pics to come though...
Posted on: Jul 06, 2007
Amanda says:
And yet, no pictures of this village fete? I would have liked to have seen it I think, especially the frankfurter van and the stall selling cigarette lighters... it sounds bizarrely nice.
Posted on: Jul 05, 2007
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Rebecca and Father trapped by the …
Rebecca and Father trapped by the…
A street in Geisenheim
A street in Geisenheim
Some of the never ending vines...
Some of the never ending vines...
Castle on the hill overlooking the…
Castle on the hill overlooking th…
photo by: dougal