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The view approaching Schloss Vollrads

So we left our intrepid explorers heading away from Schloss Johannisberg on the back of a somewhat windy terrace café.

The next destination was the town of Oestrich-Winkel. Well Oestrich-Winkel via another castle. That would be another castle that produced it's own wine. Just out of coincidence.

So of we set across the seemingly never ending rows of vines that cover the rolling hills that overlook the river. Unfortunately by this time my hayfever was starting to get the upper hand and set about spoiling the rest of the day.

The sun was shining and the wine was flowing by the time we arrived as Schloss Vollrads. It provided much more sheltered surroundings as we set up camp at a table by the moat that surrounded some sort of turret affair.

The castle courtyard in Schloss Vollrads
The wine came with glass stoppers in the bottle - it's their trademark. We had quite a pile of them by the time we left.

This tower thing looked like a particularly interesting place to live, especially as it offered the option of having a door a few stories up from where you could pull the entry ladder up behind you to prevent invasion. Or something. Lloyd felt it was important anyway.

Although we could easily have spend the entire evening sat there, unfortunately we needed to get back home and so headed back into the town to get something to eat before we picked up the train. After some wandering about we ended up at one of those traditional German rural bars we always alight on. As my hayfever had now taken a somewhat violent hold of me we had to sit inside. On our own. Much to the bemusement of our hosts.

A building in Oestrich-Winkel

I did make my Handkase mit Musik debut and it was actually quite nice. A bit oily and very heavy but not as bad as I was led to believe.

After this it was off to get the last train home. Now last time Rebecca and Lloyd were catching the last train home from here they ran into a spot of trouble. Arriving at the station they found it all locked up. Not good when the last train is ten minutes away! Undeterred the opted to try climbing over the surrounding fence to get onto the platform. Except Rebecca couldn't manage it and ended up stuck half way over it. So there they were, struggling over this fence when an old woman wandered up and asked if they knew that the doors opened automatically a few minutes before the train arrived?

So there we sat, in an admittedly scruff station, happy in the knowledge the doors would soon be allowing us onto the platform. Unfortunately for perhaps the first time I've ever encountered in Germany the train was late. We got on it alright but this mean we’d missed the connecting train back to Frankfurt from Wiesbaden and had to wait for the later one which meant we didn't get back until very late. Oh well - we've got it all to do again tomorrow...

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The view approaching Schloss Vollr…
The view approaching Schloss Voll…
The castle courtyard in Schloss Vo…
The castle courtyard in Schloss V…
A building in Oestrich-Winkel
A building in Oestrich-Winkel
Vines over Osterich
Vines over Osterich
A doorway in Schloss Vollrads
A doorway in Schloss Vollrads
The tower as seen from the courtya…
The tower as seen from the courty…
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