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Eltville - view from the Rhein. Are those stormclouds I spy?

The sun was shining.  The pensioners were rabbiting on.  The boat was steaming ahead and the wine was on the table.  I wasn't having much success catching forty winks and nor was I having much success stopping getting sunburned.  But none the less we chugged our way upriver back towards Eltville.


Upon disembarking there was the option of wandering around the town for a bit or heading for the riverside winestand.  Guess which option won out.


So were back again, almost exactly a year from last time we were here - sat at the tables, under the trees, watching the boats sail past and drinking the local dry white wine by the bottle.


Being the adventurous types as I'm sure you've gathered the next thing on the itinerary was to go somewhere to eat.

The winestand on the river front - Eltville
  Once again we opted for the tried and trusted Café zum Rheinhalle which afforded us a table right on the rivers edge.


As we tucked into steak, schnitzel, pommes and more cheese we noticed the black clouds rolling down the river from the direction of Rudesheim.  Whilst we were still enjoying the warmth and bright sunshine of a summers evening it seemed more inclement weather was on our tail.  Surely though it looked too far away to trouble us and anyway, it was on the other side of the river.


Well the rumbles of thunder and occasional flashes of lightening gradually got nearer but what the heck, we're going to sit this one out!  Of course eventually the storm did arrive with us and the heavens opened.


Were we perturbed?  No we were not.  Did we rush inside?  No we did not.  Being British and therefore used to adapting in a crisis we simply moved our drinks and grub from our current position to a nearby table which was under the cover of a rather large umbrella.  There we sat, eating and drinking in our little area of sanctuary as the heavens unloaded around us.  It wasn't cold and we weren’t getting wet.  So why move?


In actual fact the rain didn't last that long and once it brightened up we felt it was time to head off to catch the last train back to Frankfurt.  Now regular readers will remember our problems with the trains on the previous evening – but lightening couldn't strike twice could it?


Well obviously it could as we sat and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  The train never arrived.  Hmmm.  According to the timetable they don’t run at that time any more and the next one is sometime tomorrow morning!


Well this was good for a panic and amongst much recriminations we had to opt for the only route out of there - paying for a taxi to drop us off at Wiesbaden in order to get the S-Bahn as we did yesterday.  Oh how we laughed as we all crammed into the back of the sole taxi in the village, Rebecca actually sat in the boot on an extra seat.


Another trudge home from the S-Bahn stop in the drizzle then...

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Eltville - view from the Rhein.  A…
Eltville - view from the Rhein. …
The winestand on the river front -…
The winestand on the river front …
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