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Frankfurt Cafe Culture - outside Cafe Liebfrauenberg

Don't you just love Germany and Germans? Who else would have a word like fruhschoppen? And what might that word mean I hear you cry? (Go on, cry then!)

There certainly isn't an equivalent word in English. In general terms it means early shopping but it doesn't refer to shopping in the actual sense. Some bars describe buying wine by the glass as schoppen. Which leads us to the real meaning of the word, which is to drink alcoholic drinks before midday. Yes indeed - Germans take their drinking so seriously that they have a special word to use when you want to get ratted before lunch. Historically it referred to drinking after church on a Sunday but now seems to refer to any day of the week.

Anyway - as this was our last day we decided upon the usual wander around Frankfurt before heading out for the airport in the afternoon.

The fountain at Liebfrauenberg
As it was excessively sunny we opted for a stroll along the bank of the Main.

Although Frankfurt has no coastline (let's face it - nearly all of Germany doesn’t have a coastline) the Frankfurters embrace the riverbanks like it is the beach front at Blackpool - except without the donkeys and sand. The flat open banksides are more often than not swarming with people walking, cycling, jogging or just sitting watching the world go by.

With the buildings set well back from the rivers edge the area is like a long thin park, interrupted only be the occasional refreshment stand. In addition to this there are a few large barges moored up which have been converted into floating bars / cafes. And it was to one of these that we headed -Das Boothaus.

With the sun shining be tucked into kaffe und kuchen and indulged in a little fruhschoppen while we discussed the important matter of the day - where we were going to have lunch.

As is generally the case we decided upon our regular destination; Café Liebfrauenberg - the biddie café. A casual wander through the city centre took us there in plenty of time to eat a leisurely lunch sat in the square as Frankfurt life bustled by.

All that was left then was to collect our belongings and head off to the airport. This time Flymaybe at least left on time - although when they opened the gates they did herd everyone onto a bus to take us out to the plan only to leave it standing on the tarmac for about fifteen minutes in rather baking temperatures. That's budget airlines for you!

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Frankfurt Cafe Culture - outside C…
Frankfurt Cafe Culture - outside …
The fountain at Liebfrauenberg
The fountain at Liebfrauenberg
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