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Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof

If you grew up in when Rebecca and I did then during your long summer holidays you undoubtedly watched the daily dose of kids TV in the mornings.

Throughout the summer the programmes on show would usually include Top Cat, Captain Caveman, Scooby Doo, The Banana Splits, The Monkees and Why Don't You that always seemed to be coming from Belfast that week.

Astride all of this was the mega serial that was Heidi.

This was a mammoth staging of the original novel made in Switzerland and Germany that was on every day, every year and spanned the entire summer. Everyone of a certain age remembers the show, the odd dubbing, and most of all - the theme tune.

The main concourse at Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof

So why am I recounting this? Well it was only recently that we realised that the big city that Heidi goes to live in with the malingering Clara was in fact Frankfurt. Having come to this realisation we wondered if the show was actually shot there. After a bit of investigation it proved that indeed it was shot on the streets of Romer.

So this is why Rebecca now has the entire series on DVD and explains why we came to be watching it on a nightly basis and amusing ourselves with how bizarre it was on reflection.

Obviously this has no real purpose in this recounting of our holiday adventures except padding out this day a bit as we didn’t really do that much.

Today was the day our parents were arriving to add to the fun and games and as they were getting the first flight out of Manchester we had to be at the airport pretty early to pick them up. Except this is where Flymaybe struck again. Having fed them almost the exact same tale I had been spun a couple of days earlier they two spent an age sat on the tarmac waiting to depart and ended up around two hours late arriving.

This had thrown our planned excursions for the day out of whack (as we wouldn't now make the train) so we ended up having a day generally mooching about in Frankfurt.

First up we fetched up at the latest in Frankfurt's seemingly never ending series of festivals. This was dubbed an international food festival located in the square in front of the opera house. For once this wasn't just an excuse for the Germans to sit around drinking beer from numerous stalls - it was indeed an international food festival with fayre from all corners of the globe.

That's not to say there wasn't any beer on offer - this is Germany after all - but we sufficed with some very unGermanic pizza and wine for lunch. Fancying a change of location we returned to medieval stall in the beer festival and quaffed more wine from the same stone goblets.

For the evening, after a return home for a bit of a nap we once again headed off for happy hour at Escobar and once again we weren't disappointed. Despite us cutting the timing very fine indeed (ie we missed the end of happy hour by about ten minutes) they still gave us our cheap drinks and swiftly followed it up with the now customary free taster cocktail (this time a creamy strawberry drink of some description).

From here we set off to try out the local Greek restaurant of all places - Alexis Sorbas - which for some reason is tucked away down an unassuming street deep in the heart of a housing estate. And so we had a pleasing meal, drank yet more wine and then returned home to finish off some Jagermeister and yet more Heidi.

Bit of a quiet day all round really.

[Photo's not really from today - just there for added decoration]

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Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof
Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof
The main concourse at Frankfurt Ha…
The main concourse at Frankfurt H…
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