The Ballgown, the Hamster and the Magic Pit

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Examining the 'things of interest' signs on the walk

The path along the hillside ridge is punctuated by small deviations every so often taking you across to the various viewing points, each of which gives you another panoramic view of the river below you.

After a while we came upon what looked like a type of 'folly' - some sort of mini temple cum garden house perched in the woods. As we wandered in there didn’t seem to be much to see aside from a very dark, very black doorway.

Returning to check the history lesson affixed to a sign in the doorway this was apparently something along the lines of a 'magic hole' built by another of the kings of these parts who obviously didn't have much to do.

Never being one to shirk a challenge I took it upon myself to investigate this pitch black opening, much to the increasingly hysterical demands to stop from Rebecca and Mother.

my parents on the chairlift. pulling funny faces for some reason!
Reasoning that we could use the flash on the camera to light the place up every so often Lloyd and I edged into the tunnel beyond. Oh those Germans and their crazy humour. After a couple of twists and turns the tunnel actually emerged from a doorway hidden on the other side of some rocks. Now obviously we'd disappeared into pitch blackness and no sound could be heard from us so to all intents and purposes we could have dropped into this pit. But obviously we hadn't. Oh those wacky German Princes.

As we approached Assmanshausen we arrived at a large enclosure which announced itself as a deer farm, much to the enjoyment of Rebecca. Without further ado she armed herself with some deer food from one of the dispensers dotted around and proceeded to have an onslaught of small deer fighting it out to snaffle it from here hands.

The main street - Assmannshausen
We pointed out that there was a raised hunting hide just by the path and that these animals were probably destined for Sunday lunch at the hotel across the path. This didn't go down well.

Next up was the chairlift, which is the obvious and presumably fastest way down into the town. It's a shame there aren't many more of these in the UK for the purpose of getting up and down steep hills. It would make life so much easier.

Assmanshausen turned out to be very similar to Rudesheim. Just smaller. And without as many pensioners milling about. But with just as many bars and hotels.

As it was now a good couple of hours since we last had a drink we opted to stop for lunch and taste some of the red wine that the town seemed very proud of. Choosing a pretty sizeable bar which was located in the middle of the y shape of a fork in the main road.

hotels on the river bank
Sitting in the courtyard we were perfectly positioned to watch the traffic (such as there was) and life wander past on either side of us.

Although the courtyard was enclosed in a sort of convertible conservatory type thing, on a day like this and at this time in the afternoon this made it much more akin to an oven. By now the sun was rather blazing down and everything was wilting in the heat. Apart from one random woman who wandered past in what was basically a glittery ball gown, disappeared down the street and then returned ten minutes later with a bag of shopping. It’s obviously a glitzy place.

The only other resident of note was what appeared to be a hamster which ran up and down the main road for a bit before heading into the church opposite. Escaped pet or church hamster? We’d never find out.

Suitably refreshed and having consumed more cheese, wine and pommes we headed off to the river front to pick up our next ride of the day. The boat on the Rhein doubles as public transport and recreational cruising so it tends to fill up with yet more of the numerous pensioners that mill about round here. But once on the water these frail old things turn into something akin to WWE wrestlers when it comes to spotting an empty bit of deck and fighting your way towards it. The NHS should prescribe travelling on one of these things as it turns the unsteady on their feet into something akin to a cross between Carl Lewis and Hulk Hogan. And then once seated they never shut up. Not once. Not even pausing for breath. They yammer on all the way.

It is now excessively hot so I try to get a bit of sleep.

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Examining the things of interest…
Examining the 'things of interest…
my parents on the chairlift.  pull…
my parents on the chairlift. pul…
The main street - Assmannshausen
The main street - Assmannshausen
hotels on the river bank
hotels on the river bank
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