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It was raining in Sheffield as I set off on my jaunt. Hmmm... lovely.

The train over to Manchester is pretty uneventful. At this time of day it's not that busy and I even manage to get a quicker train than I had anticipated.

With plenty of time to spare at the other end I decided to have a late breakfast at one of the airport outlets. Where better than Harry Ramsden’s Fish and Chip Shop – a box of chips (when exactly did chips start coming in boxes?) is guaranteed to contain all the important food groups I'm sure.

Everything was going swimmingly – I'd checked in with no problems at one of the self-service points, dropped my bags off and consumed my nutritious breakfast. But then Flybe got involved.

Sitting in the departure lounge I sat and watched the minutes tick by waiting for the confirmation of which gate the flight to Frankfurt would be departing from. On the board there was a Flybe flight to Limoges which had been boarding since I had arrived at the airport and shown no signs of changing – this was a sign of things to come.

The flight was at 2pm and yet at 1.55pm the board was still instructing us to wait in the lounge. Things weren't looking good. Then at two we were instructed to head for gate 56. Great – the furthest one away. The few souls heading for Frankfurt duly trooped off.

After negotiating the seemingly endless corridor we arrived at gate 56 only to be greeted by the discovery that a) this gate was still claiming to be boarding the aforementioned flight to Limoges and b) there was no one there and no sign of any plane. Actually there was someone there – a couple of surly baggage handlers informed us that there was nothing departing from these gates any time soon.

With no one to ask we decided to head back the way we came only to be met by the lounge by a flustered ground staff type person who informed us that we would indeed be departing from gate 56, but unfortunately the plane was at gate 18 which meant we had to get a bus all the way round the airport.

At ten past two there was still no sign of a bus.

When one finally did arrive we were duly taken on a scenic tour of every area of Manchester Airport in search of our plane. Eventually we found it parked miles away from the terminal buildings in a little corner of the airfield. Still - we were only twenty minutes late and as there were only sixteen of us flying it didn't take long to board.

We got the usual greeting and were told that we would be leaving shortly. A further forty minutes later we were still sat on the tarmac with the engines running...

Amanda says:
OH LORD... don't you love airports?? I know I do...
Posted on: Jun 20, 2007
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photo by: moshers_moll