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Monica and Trena and I at the Blues Brothers concert at the Casino.

It was nice to have a weekend on the coast.  Trena's father and step-mum are visiting....really nice people.  Lots of ppl in one small house! 

I am learning more and more about aussie culture.  I love the beach atmosphere here.  I wear beach attire practically every day.  Surfing is just a small walk to the beach.  I love running on the beach in the morning with Monica.  They have an amazing gym here with a swimming pool and awesome fitness classes.  I tried some sticky date pudding...so good.  Have yet to try Pavlova.

I am learning lots of aussie expressions like: "How ya going?" (How are you? or What's up?).  "Petrol" is gas.  "Toilet" is bathroom.  "Bloke" is a guy.  "I reckon" is I think.  "Capsicum".

Mon and I at the entrance of Dreamworld
..not green pepper....learned that one at subway.  There are soooo many but I am catching on.  People kiss on the cheek here on the coast to say hello and goodbye to friends....there is so much more of a British influence left over here than in Canada.  Everyone is super friendly and laid-back though, just like in Canada.

There is an aweome outdoor mall here called Pacific fair but everyone just calls it Pac-fair.  People love to shorten things here.  My name goes over much easier here as "Sandy" instead of "Sandra". 

This weekend was fun.  We got all dressed up and headed out for a nice supper with everyone, then the casino for a bit, and then to hear the Blues Brothers at a pub.  We were still in bed before midnight though. :)  On Saturday, we spent all day at Dreamworld (An Aussie disneyland) where we saw some wildlife and went on some crazy rides....the craziest was a 110 m freefall drop....so fun though!  Rollercoasters and even an IMAX show were all part of the day.  In the evening, Tim (Trena's boyfriend) had a barbie and then we all watched The Wizard of Oz since it was on the TV.  It was a lot of fun.

I have organized a trip to Cairns to scuba the great barrier reef which I leave for next thursday....should be fun and then I'm off to Thailand...wow time goes by so fast!

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Monica and Trena and I at the Blue…
Monica and Trena and I at the Blu…
Mon and I at the entrance of Dream…
Mon and I at the entrance of Drea…
Just a plastic shark at Dreamworld.
Just a plastic shark at Dreamworld.
John and Dee and I on the logride
John and Dee and I on the logride
Mon and I getting off the waveride…
Mon and I getting off the waverid…
At Tims house for a BBQ....yum!
At Tim's house for a BBQ....yum!
Gold Coast
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