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My original plan was to leave for Prague early this afternoon around 2 pm.  However, in the morning I spotted a free bike tour (but tip what you want) of Berlin pamphlet so Brice and I decided to check it out.  It turned out to be completely awesome!  Our guide was an American named Dave.  He took us, along with about 10 others, on a great tour of Berlin.  There was so much cool history and buildings to see.  Berlin is a city that is rebuilding itself.

We saw so many things:  The Newe Jewish synagogue (miraculously not completely destoyed on the night of broken class when Germans stormed the Jewish businesses and areas of the city), the square between the University and the Opera house (Einstein and Karl Marx attended).  In the square was where the burning of the books (non-Nazi principles) were burnt.  In the middle of the square is a hole covered by class you can look down into.  Below the class are empty bookshelves with enough room to hold 20, 000 books (the number burnt).  We bicycled through the main garden of the city (a giant park where people were sunbathing completely nude) over to a bier garden in the middle of the park.  The smallest beer you could order was half a liter and it was delicious (couldn't finish it though).  We saw the place where Hitler's final bunker was (now a parking lot) and the Parliament which has a glass dome over it that people can look down into Parliament from.  We saw the famous Paris square where the American embassy is currently being build at a cost in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  Apparently, there is a lot of secrecy surrounding it.  It is also the sqaure that has the hotel where Michael Jackson famously held his baby over his hotel balcony.

My favorite was the history surrounding the Berlin wall.  We saw part of the Berlin wall that still remains and there is a line that shows where the wall once was all throughout the city.  It was such a great tour!  If I had known more about Berlin, I might have stayed longer.  The tour was about 4 hours long...in plus 37 degrees Celcius heat.  Wow.  I have never sweated so much!

After the tour, Unland and I said adios and headed off on our own.  I caught a train to Prague in the Czech Republic.  The German border guards were a little freaky on the train but the Czech border guards were much nicer.  The German border guard kind of looked like Ralph from the sound of music.

My train, unfortunately, was delayed and I didn't get to Prague until 11 pm.  VERY confusing!!!  Noone speaks much English here.  I finally found my hostel around midnight with the help of a helpful American med. student.  My hostel is..interesting to put it nicely.  There are lots of bugs.  I think I will try and find a different one tomorrow.  It has been an uncomfortable day with the heat and the hostel and being lost but the tour of Berlin was fantastic!  I hope Prague is a good city to visit.  I have heard good things so I guess I will check it out in the morning.

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photo by: vulindlela