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Hanging out in the London pub

I am still struggling to get used to the time change....gah.  I tried not to nap today but, meh, I just couldn't make it through...hopefully the jet lag will wear off with a couple of more days.

After napping yesterday, Brice and I went out for a couple of beers to two different pubs.  Considering how messed up I am with the time zones, the beer just made me even sleepier so I parted with Brice and went to sleep again.  Brice headed off to begin what he describes as "the greatest night of (his) life".  I don't know about that but it certainly sounds like he had a lot of fun.  He ended up meeting some Londoners and heading all over the city to various pubs/bars with them.  The pics are great!

Me, on the other hand; I woke up a couple of hours later to the sounds of some new roomates.

Brice wandering the tower grounds
  There was a German couple, a Canadian guy (from Montreal), and a Korean guy.  After visiting in the room with everyone, we headed down to the pub to grab some beers, listen to the live band, and have fun!  It was awesome.  Brice eventually came back and we were both laughing to see that we had had a great time in our separate ventures. 

As the night wore on, unfortunately, it became more and more apparent that the guy from Montreal was arrogant (in almost a funny way it was so ridiculous).  I suppose speaking five languages entitles you to a little bit of pride but seriously, it was a lot ridiculous.  Brice thought so too.  Double unfortunately, as I decided he was arrogant, the Montreal guy decided he liked me and I could NOT get rid of him.  It was certainly interesting.

Overlooking from London Bridge
  I've never met someone so persistent though. :(  And the more rude I was, the more persistent he became.  I did eventually lose him (thank goodness).

Brice is all excited because the Korean and the Canadian have left and have been replaced by some lovely Parisian ladies.  There are a couple of Australian girls (mentioned from yesterday) who are super nice so we will probably hang out with them tonight.

I met up with an American girl this morning over breakfast.  She is going to Switzerland to do some research in biology.  I love randomly meeting so many interesting people.  I mean, I've only been here for a day and have met so many people.

Today was interesting again.  Brice and I caught the Underground to Harrod's and then the Tower of London.

Me on London Bridge....a little windy
  We wandered around it for a couple of hours.  The Tower of London was interesting....very well known for being the site of countless executions (of Henry VIII's wives and others).  After the tower of London, Brice and I wandered over the Tower bridge (where I got some ice cream...yum) and them wandered over to Leicester Square to see about some tickets for one of the many plays going on.  After arriving though, we decided we needed a nap instead.  Overall, it was a pretty leisurely day.

Tomorrow, we will hopefully visit the British museum, the Notting hill district, and as it is Sunday, we will probably go to church at Westminister Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral (it's the only time you can get in for free to see the churches).

London is fun but so expensive.  I am looking forward to Dublin!


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Hanging out in the London pub
Hanging out in the London pub
Brice wandering the tower grounds
Brice wandering the tower grounds
Overlooking from London Bridge
Overlooking from London Bridge
Me on London Bridge....a little wi…
Me on London Bridge....a little w…
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