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The bridge overlooking Praha.
It is so HOT today!  PLUS 43 degrees Celcius!  I ventured out into the streets of Prague and spent hours just wandering around the city.  The architecture here is beautiful....not just in one area but all over the entire city.  I had to take a break in one of the many sidewalk cafes at least every hour just to drink some water and get into some shade.  It is unbelieveable hot.

It seems that there are cathedrals on almost every corner.  The cathedrals are nice and cold inside.  They are covered in gold and paintings....again, there is no comparison between the churches here and in Canada.  They are just spectacular.  There is a large Jewish sector of the city and synagogue. 

It was really nice to have a day just to wander around the city aimlessly.  The city reminds me a lot of ones I've seen in Italy with many squares.  I bought some mojito ice cream that tasted a lot like gelatto.  It was so nice and cold in the heat.  I bought a skirt too.  Jeans and shorts just don't cut it!  I wish I wouldn've just brought one from home but, hey! Now I have a skirt from Prague.  Sweet.

There are many neat things to buy here: art, paintings, old records (almost bought one for my record player but its too big), garnets, perfume atomizers.  It seems that Absinthe is available in every shop as well.  I don't think it has the wormwood though...it's just alcohol.  Prague is very tourist friendly. 

I  am going to try and catch a concert tonight at one of the cathedrals.  There are countless operas, symphonies, and orchestral concerts that you can go to in the city.  Tomorrow, my train leaves bright and early for Munich, Germany.
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The bridge overlooking Praha.
The bridge overlooking Praha.
photo by: vulindlela