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The balloons getting ready to go

Today started SO early!  I was up at 4 am and out the door by 4:30 am.  First, we caught a bus and then a boat to the west side of the Nile and then another boat just next to the Valley of the Kings.  We could see the hot air balloons slowly filling up and the sun was just starting to creep up over the horizon.  So amazing.

It was a little scary at first to climb into the hot air balloon.  The burners let off an incredible amount of heat and are quite noisy.  Our captain was probably one of the nicest Egyptians (probably Nubian and not Egyptian) that I have met on the trip.  It was so amazing to go up.....very peaceful and calm.  We had a great time!  We could see clearly everything and drifted peacefully over a farmer's field, watched the sun come up, had a bird's eye view of Cairo and the Nile, and could see down into people's open air houses.

Jess and I and Hailey in our hot air balloon
  It was fantastic!  The landing was very smooth and we even got some free t-shirts and a little certificate.

Next, we took a little bus to a road where the rest of the group met us and we got a donkey each.  They gave no explanations just said "Get on the donkey".  It was hilarious.  Donkeys don't gallop....they just walk really fast sometimes so that it feels like you are just shaking really, really fast.  It looks so funny.  We rode our donkeys for about 45 minutes through the town and down the big road to the Valley of the Kings.  Donkeys sure can be stubborn sometimes.  They seemed healthy and well fed though so I didn't feel bad taking them.  Hannaka fell off her donkey and hit her head so she took the bus to the Valley.  Yikes.

The Valley of the Kings was ok....not exactly what I expected.  Later on, Egyptian kings chose to be buried in hidden tombs in the valley instead of pyramids to protect from tomb raiders.  Unfortunately, most of them were still robbed.  Neat to see though.  Some were very well preserved and we heard a lot of the history.  It was incredibly hot though.

By the time we got back to the hotel, it was barely noon but we were so I took off to take a siesta...a long one and woke up just in time for dinner with everyone on the West side of the Nile.  A very enjoyable day though...very eventful.

Tomorrow, we catch a convoy bus to the Red Sea.  Snorkelling and relaxation, here I come!

flagirl says:
Am trying to convince my parents to pay for the balloon ride as an early Christmas present. Think it'll be one of the most amazing experiences or most terrifying-either way can't wait! Thanks for the info, now I know a bit more what to expect...
Posted on: Jun 15, 2008
findmeabeach says:
Hoping to be in Egypt end of Nov and always wanted to do a hot air balloon ride so maybe this is my chance. Nice blog :-))
Posted on: Oct 18, 2007
bevh4 says:
What an amazing experience! I wanna be there except for the heat part.
Posted on: Sep 17, 2007
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The balloons getting ready to go
The balloons getting ready to go
Jess and I and Hailey in our hot a…
Jess and I and Hailey in our hot …
photo by: LadyMaja