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The Hindu temple in Ahmedabad

Today started early around 5 am.  We caught a taxi through the already packed streets to the local train station where people were sleeping on the floor and of course, all over the place.

The train was actually fairly nice.  We got breakfast and lunch served on the train and there were Bollywood movies and music videos the whole time.  They were in Hindi though so we were laughing trying to figure out what they were saying.

The train journey took almost 10 hours altogether.  We got stopped and delayed for awhile because another train had a fire on it and they were cleaning up and taking pictures of it.  The pantry coach caught fire.  The tracks looked quite black as we passed it and the coach was still there...noone injured though.  There was a nice little caution video about bombs on trains...that was a little scary.  Relations between India and Pakistan are not so good along the Northern part of India around Kashmir.  We are not near that area. 

I am learning lots about the Hindu philosophy....VERY different from what Im used to.  Interesting though.  Its just a little bit of a culture shock seeing people in colorful clothing worshipping a statue of an elephant-headed idol.  Definately fascinating though.  Learning lots about the politics and history of the caste system in India. 

Today, Alison and I caught an auto-rickshaw to the place where Ghandi resided.  We also saw a Hindu temple and caught a "celebration" in action that they let us in on.  We threw rice at a circle.  I didn't really understand what was going on but they gave us red bracelets and 5 rupees at the end of us.  It was really great to be part of the local festivities.  The people were very welcoming and friendly.   We think it might have been a "christening" type thing of a baby but not sure....neat to see.

The main thing tonight was the cricket game....Pakistan and India played each other in the world final and it was HUGE here!  Everyone was watching the game.  When India won, everyone was thrilled and was shouting and happy in the streets. 

Tomorrow, we are taking a local bus to Udaipur and my quest to find a malaysia air ticket office continues...gah!  I need to switch a ticket.

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The Hindu temple in Ahmedabad
The Hindu temple in Ahmedabad
photo by: msarkar2810