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Jamie and I in Prague.

I ended up not going to a concert in Prague.  The girl in the bunk next to me was a fun American named Jamie and we made some fun plans instead.  We started off by heading off to a nearby air conditioned restaurant where I had some goulash.  I think goulash is Hungarian but they serve it everywhere in Prague.  I also got a Mojito (also served everywhere).  I think Mojitos are my new favorite drink.  Yum!  They mash up fresh mint leaves in it.  Its so good!  It was nice to get in the air conditioning and out of the heat.  At night, it cooled down 10 degrees to a sweltering 31 above.  Not fun.  When its that hot, theres no way you can sleep so our best option was to go out and have some fun instead.

The restaurant was great.

More Canadians out with Jamie and I.
  Afterwards, Jamie and I started out on our won little pub crawl.  We headed to a little pub called Shadow first.  Their signature drink is called a shadow and is basically a screwdriver with fresh fruit in it.  It was ok but I stuck to mojitos instead.  Next we went to a pub that was in a basement.  I kinda felt like a cave.  We stayed there for a bit and met some locals that we tried to talk with...it was interesting.

Finally, we headed to a large bar right by the main bridge leading to the center old town square.  It was crazy big.  5 floors and each floor has a different theme and different music.  We stayed on the top floor most of the night.  It was fun.  We met a group of Canadian and American's and ended up hanging out with them for most of the night....didnt ever realize the time go by.  By the time we left, the sun was starting to come up.  So much fun.  So Jamie and I headed back to our hostel.  It was not so nice waking up 3 hours later to catch the train to Munich.  Oh well!

Today didnt start off so hot.  I was pretty sleepy getting up and only had one stop to go on the tram so I didnt get a ticket....just hopped on.  I picked the wrong time!  A ticket guy got on to check for tickets....oops!  I tried to play dumb but it didnt work so hot.  He gave me a fine equivalent to about $20 canadian.  No problemo.  It makes for a good story.  I was pretty happy to leave Prague.  Although the night out was fun, my hostel was kind of crappy (june bugs were in various places) and the weather was unbearably hot.  The architecture of the city was amazing but, the local people weren't very friendly for the most part. 

On my train to Munich, the border guards for Germany and Czech got on the train and a young girl sitting next to me didnt have her passport.  I felt kinda bad for her.  She had to get off at the next stop and missed the train.

I am finally in Munich.  It seems like a nice city so far.  There are tons of Turkish people here.  Im looking forward to exploring the city tomorrow.  The hostel is nice.  Im so exhausted.  I am off to catch some sleep!

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Jamie and I in Prague.
Jamie and I in Prague.
More Canadians out with Jamie and …
More Canadians out with Jamie and…
photo by: AleksandraEa