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For our last night in Jaipur, our guide organized a palm reader to come and read our fortunes.  It is insane how huge astrology is here.  People view it as almost a science.  The guy was very broad but told me after writing a bunch of stuff down that I am open minded and very independant and that I like to travel (duh).  He kepy stressing how I was very independant.  He said that I have had two boyfriends in the past (no) and that I will get married between 27-33 and will have 2 boy and one girl.  He said also that my lucky colors are red, cream, brown, and white.  And he said I will have a tough time although he doesn't know with what from 42-45.  We all went out for supper after and had a good laugh over it.  All part of the India experience I guess.

Drove for a long time today, first to a Moghul temple.  The moghul temple was actually quite nice.  No garbage anywhere...I couldn't believe it.

On the way, some police pulled us over to tell the front seat driver's they need to wear their seatbelts and the fine was 750 rupees.  The driver bribed the police with 50 rupees and that was it, we were off.  Apparently, most of the police are corrupt here so you just bribe them and that's it.  Interesting system....not really sure what the point of law is here?

Next, we headed off to Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal.  We haven't actually seen it yet though.  Tomorrow, we wake up really early and head to the Taj to watch sunset....should be great. 

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photo by: rotorhead85