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The local market in Mumbai

Today, I met the other 2 members of my group...we are not a big group but it is nice. :)  Both seem fairly nice.

I spent most of the day wandering around Bombay with the other girl on my tour (who's name I already forgot...oops...I am so terrible with names).  It was fun.  Time went by so fast just people watching and looking at all the shops.  I had my first lassi today (a delicious fruit yogourt shake).

It is so insane how many people there are.  The streets are utter chaos.  People everywhere and random cows are often just hanging out lounging in the middle of a busy street.  Someone will ocassionally wander over and feed the cow something because it's good luck.  Noone here eats beef.  Even mcdonalds has mc-no-beef.

THe beach...everyone wanted their photos taken

There are some amazing clothes here....beautiful bright colors.  I just love the sarees.  The Indian food is terrific.  I just can't get over how many people there are.  EVERYWHERE are people.  I guess this is what a country with 1 billion+ people looks like...INSANE and vibrant. :)

After shopping for quite awhile, we headed off to check out the beach which, of course was covered with people.  The people were so fascinated by us.  People stared, but not in a bad way....more just interested to see what we were doing.  When we were taking pictures, they wanted to be in the picture and then look at it after on the digital screen.  It was neat.  They were so excited about it.  One guy in particular just followed us from a distance to watch.  Very interesting...and this is Bombay.  I wonder what the more secluded places will be like.

Enjoying india very much so far.  The driving's a little nuts but as they say here, I will hope for a driver with "good brakes, good luck, and good horn"!

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The local market in Mumbai
The local market in Mumbai
THe beach...everyone wanted their …
THe beach...everyone wanted their…
Some kids we met on the beach
Some kids we met on the beach
A man and his monkey wandering on …
A man and his monkey wandering on…
A random cow in the middle of a bu…
A random cow in the middle of a b…
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