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Last night, I finally got to have some pizza.  After eating vegetables and bread for the last week or so, it was a welcome relief.  Today we are off to try the local food again but we have been assured that the Moroccan food is more varied here in Marrakesh.

The pizzeria was in a nice location high above the square below with a nice view of the mosque nearby.  Midway through our meal, the call for prayer was amplified from the speaker above the tower.  It is actually kind of nice....definately reminds me Im not in Canada anymore.  It seems that the medina, or center of the city, comes alive at night; probably because the heat isnt so intense at night.  It has been consistently over 40 degrees Celcius every day here and yesterday was no exception with the temperature hovering around 45 degrees Celcius.  Tomorrow, we're in for a treat.....only 32 is the forecast.  Yee haw!

After dinner, we all went wandering throught the medina.  The sights and sounds were incredible....tons of people scattered everywhere: women offering henna, men scattered around little gambling areas, snake charmers with music and their black vipers (neck fully extended outwards), bright lights, souks (local little markets and shops), orange juice stands, smoke from little soup kitchens and stands of local cuisine, dried fruit sellers, and various other performers.  It was really quite awesome....felt like I was in Arabian Nights or something.  We caught the last local bus around 10pm to our hotel.

Today was quite relaxed.  I opted out of the sightseeing of some palaces this morning to sleep in.  Very nice!  I even watched a bit of tv (an experience in itself).  Most of the tv in is in arabic and there are not very many channels but one channel is in english and plays action movies all day....not good ones....cheesy 80s style....but it's nice anyways.

I caught the local bus by myself up to the medina.  It's quite safe by myself during the day although I still stood out a bit since I was the only tourist on the bus.  I grabbed some ice cream for breakfast (I love this place) and the seller gave me two scoops for the price of one and winked at me.  At least some good things come from being female in this country. :)  But when I sat down to eat my ice cream, guys kept pestering me so I went for a walk to eat it.  Shortly after, Polly and Sarah met up with me and we went shopping through the local souq (market).  I got lots of neat stuff and bartered quite a bit.  My favorite is a pair of sandals (my flipflops have about had it). 

After shopping, I headed back to the pool to cool off.  IT is insanely hot here.  Surprisingly, the drink of choice here in Morocco is hot mint tea.....yes, I said HOT mint tea.  After coming in from the scorching heat, hot mint tea is waiting.  It is very surprisingly refreshing and delicious.

Tomorrow, we are headed to Essaouira.  I cant wait!

marg_eric says:
Great blog! Just been there myself. Januari is much cooler, even cold! but a great experience.
Posted on: Jan 26, 2009
margmack says:
great blog! Glad I went to Maroc in October.....Summer months sound way to hot!!!!
Posted on: Dec 11, 2007
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