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On the floor of the British museum...I liked this quote

So today was my last day in London....I am finally starting to get used to the time change!  Hurrah!

I have learned lots of new terminology here in London....London is such a fun city. It is very diverse.  It seems that almost everything goes and everyone is up to date on the latest fashion trends.  Brice can't get over the newest one (people wear black spandex under skirt and shorts).  He hates it.  Everywhere we go, he makes a comment on it.  It's kinda fun.

Ya, so lots of terminology.  Things like, for example, "mind the gap" = watch your step; "mate" = friend, "snogging" = kissing, and the list goes on.

Last night, Brice and I hung out with some awesome Australian girls for awhile.

The British museum again
  They are from Adelaide.  They were filling me in on all the spiders to avoid when I go there.  It was an early night as I was pretty tired.

Today, Brice and I switched hostels.  It is not too far away from the other hostel but is awesome and has a hot tub and a great pub where everyone listens to live music.  We switched early in the morning.

First thing in the morning, after switching hostels, Brice and I went to church at St. Paul's Cathedral (It's aren't you proud of me).  It was an hour and a half but, the music was incredible.  I've never enjoyed church so much.  There was an orchestra and a choir of men and amazing.  Afterwards, Brice and I wandered over to check out Notting Hill and then over to the British museum where we spend a couple of hours (even a couple of hours doesn't do the museum justice.

Some new friends from Canada, Denmark, and Australia is so huge!).  After seeing the Monet paintings in the National Gallery and the British museum, I've gotten my fair share of art and culture over the past few days.

Tonight, I hung out in the gathering area and the pub for is so crazy how many people there are to meet.  I met people from Japan, Mexico, America, Australia, Denmark, and even some Canadians.  Everyone is so friendly and like-minded.  I think I'm going to have a place to stay all over the world by the end of this trip.

London was a ton of fun.  I can't wait to head off and see what Ireland has to offer next!

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On the floor of the British museum…
On the floor of the British museu…
The British museum again
The British museum again
Some new friends from Canada, Denm…
Some new friends from Canada, Den…
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