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It has been a great month here on the Gold Coast.  I can't believe a whole month has passed.  Wow!  It has been so great spending time with Trena and Monica.  Probably the last time in awhile that it will be just us girls since Mon is getting married and Trena might be coming back to Oz permanently.  Monica is so excited since Mike (her fiance) gets here in 6 days.  There has been a count-down since the day she arrived...haha.

It was great to actually live here on the coast for awhile and get a taste of living in a tropical place... as a resident and not a tourist.  Aussie culture is so similar to Canadian culture.  Great people!  Love the accent too.  And really, I have barely seen a spider or snake at all (except for camping and the zoo).

This week has been a little crazy down at surfer's paradise (a suburb of the gold coast).  It is Schoolies week here and all the graduating grade 12's finish school about a week or so earlier than the rest.  Then, they all head to the Gold coast and check into hotels for a week of partying.  Insane.  Most of them are not even the legal drinking age.  It is like the Spring break of the USA but for under age kids.  Yikes.  There are tons of stories on the news every day about fights, etc.  It's just insane.  I don't really understand why it's not banned.  There are also people called "toolies" who can't let go of schoolies and keep going even though they are over 18 and not in high school anymore....losers.

On Friday night, Tim and Mon and Pete (they call him Pommy Pete since he is english....all the English are called "poms") and I headed to comedy night at the Arts center.  It was HILARIOUS. Trena had to go on a boat cruise with here students for their year 11 farewell trip.  The comedy night was so good though...I was laughing so hard.  I forgot how great a good comedy night can be!

I also rented a car and headed to Steve Irwin's Australia zoo this week.  It was nice.  Sad though without Steve Irwin there.  It was just recently the one year anniversary of his death.

I am picking up the Aussie slang and words.  I will probably go home and start asking people "How ya going?" instead of How are you? and will order "capsicum" instead of "green peppers" for my sandwich or will refer to someone as a "Sheila" or say "Right-O".  I am really going to miss having such a gorgeous beach right on my doorstep.

Yesterday morning, Trena, Tim, Mon and I all headed to the beach first thing in the morning to go swimming in the ocean and playing with the waves.  And we "stayed in the flags" where the lifeguards patrol the area.  Lots of surfers everywhere....wish I had gotten some more surfing in while I was here.  Those darn sharks freak me out though....

On Saturday, Trena and Mon and I headed to Dreamworld again and in the evening, a big group of us headed to to Montezuma's for some delish Mexican food.  Yum.  The election was also going on on Saturday and oz has a new prime minister....big news....John Howard, the old prime ministed, has been in power for 11 years.  It was neat to watch though...reminds me so much of what it's like in Canada during an election.  Only here, voting is mandatory.

Tomorrow, I am off to Cairns to learn how to scuba dive.  I am a little nervous about it and I just hope I can equalize my ears since I had a bit of a cold last week.  gah!  I am really excited about Thailand too but am getting to that point where I am ready to head home.....maybe it's because there is Christmas stuff everywhere and I love Christmas at home. 

bevh4 says:
Going to decorate the house tomorrow--- looks like Christmas and feels like Christmas at -15 degrees! Brrr it was cold out today but in Victoria the grass was green! Miss you so much!
Posted on: Nov 26, 2007
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