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The lake we went swimming in...yay for underwater cameras

Today was a very long time on the bus.  Thankfully, our bus is much bigger than in Morocco so it is not so bad.  However, with temperatures reaching a sweltering 40 degrees celcius sometimes, it would be nice if the air conditioner had a little more power.  Our drive, Ghengas, is hilarious.  He barely speaks any English but laughs at everything and it is contagious.  He is apparently making lots of jokes all the time.

Konya was the first place that we stopped at.  It is one of the most typical Anatolian cities and an excellent place to stop between the coast and Cappadocia. Nicknamed the bread basket of Turkey as it is surrounded by vast fields of wheat, the city is often crowded with people from the villages who have come to do their weekly shopping.

Me near a Roman ruin
However it is the city's standing as the undoubted religious centre of Turkey that makes it most intriguing. Home to the tomb of the Sufi philosopher, poet and teacher Mevlana, founder of the Whirling Dervish sect, Konya offers an interesting museum, which houses the tomb of the Mevlana and some relics from the Muslim faith.   We had an opportunity to see the whirling dervishes last night but it was quite expensive so I opted not to.  Apparently, they go into a trance and twirl....not paying lots for that...

Egirdir was the second place we made it to.  Nestling in the heart of the Taurus Mountains this small town lies on the shores of Lake Egirdir. The stunning mountain scenery, crystal waters and lush green orchards make the lake district one of the most picturesque areas of the country yet one of the least visited. Meander through the 12th century caravanserai in the shadow of the old castle walls or take a walk out to the island to enjoy the stunning sunset from one of the lakeside cafes.  We all went and hopped into the water to cool off when we got there.  Plus, we all had an excellent dinner of fish with the most amazing view of the sunset.  And I got to enjoy the company of my tour group...such a great group of people!

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The lake we went swimming in...yay…
The lake we went swimming in...ya…
Me near a Roman ruin
Me near a Roman ruin
photo by: Stevie_Wes