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A lady climbing to the top of the temple

We spent the day walking to the Fort in Jaisalmer.  It is a very neat and ancient fort that people still live and work in.  There is some controversy over it though as people believe that noone should be living there so that it can be preserved (lonely planet is one group that belives this and they have signs protesting them inside the fort).

We saw another Jaisalmer temple and went shopping for a bit.  We also saw the local lake which, although probably very beautiful in the past (and still quite nice) is incredibly polluted and green.  It is just filled with giant, ugly looking catfish that the people feed alot.  People once drank their water from this lake but definately not anymore.

A typical Indian road with cows all over the place...

It was incredibly hot today.  I think I got a bit of heatstroke....hello rehydration salts (thanks mom!).  Plus, I have a bit of delhi belly...not fun (and the reason why this is gonna be short!).  There are just animals everywhere here...dogs, pigs, boars, cows, cats....we have seen so many dead dogs and cats too....the locals seem to believe that the dogs were politicians in the last life.

At the place where we went for lunch today, we met a really nice Indian man who was talking about how horrible it is to live in a caste system (although it supposedly isn't anymore).  He had recently came back from Australia (where he lived for the last 21 years) to take care of his aging parents (as there is no system in place here to help his parents otherwise). 

The kids that we meet are so cute.  They always yell out "hello" and sometimes follow after us down the road for a bit.  It is certainly a different way of life.  Poverty is just everywhere.  Definately makes me appreciate what I have in Canada.

Jaisalmer says:
Dear friend,


I am really sorry to read that your guide gave really a bad impression of a beautifull city Jaisalmer and our indian culture.

I imagine you travelled with a driver from Delhi, he introduced you a man as his brother or friend and offered you to show Jaisalmer City on a very low fee.

Further you met with owner of 8th July Restaurant who lives in Jaisalmer and enjoying the stipend money from Australian Government.

Please make sure wherever you travel in India you will find two part of coin. Dirty place, arrogant guide and a nice priest at Jain Temple in Ranakpur.

I am really sorry if you really did not enjoy our beautifull city Jaisalmer.

I wish to introduce you my beautifull city Jaisalmer next time.

With regards,


Posted on: Sep 23, 2009
bevh4 says:
sorry to hear that u had dehli belly. Hope that u are feeling better.

Love u and Miss u,
Posted on: Sep 30, 2007
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A lady climbing to the top of the …
A lady climbing to the top of the…
A typical Indian road with cows al…
A typical Indian road with cows a…
Catfish in the polluted (holy) wat…
Catfish in the polluted (holy) wa…
A temple in the water
A temple in the water
photo by: lrecht