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A temple worshipping Vishnu

I'm in time I make it to one of my favorite Indian food place (Jaipur's palace in Edmonton) I will know where they're talking about!

Jaipur is known as the pink city.  Every building here is not really pink though...more of a red terracotta shade.  It's so busy, of course, but there are some nicer places to visit here.  The further we travel north, the more monkey's I see.  There are monkeys just everywhere hanging out and wandering around.

Yesterday, we went to see the observatory (where they talked endlesslessly about the "science" of astrology)....don't really buy it.  It was interesting though listening to their explanation of everything.

A bollywood movie big!
..especially having studied astronomy in university.  The guide told us that the city of Jaipur was designed into nine different segments to represent the nine planets (it was split up into these segments around the 1700's).  Pluto wasn't discovered until 1930.  When I asked about this, the guide wasn't very impressed and insisted his info. was right....ah well, what can ya do! :)  The palace was nice but I'm getting a little sightseeinged out.  I opted out of seeing the fort more except the Taj Mahal which should be the day after tomorrow.

Last night, we went for some McDonald's.  There is no beef anywhere.  There are things like McCurry and McVegetarian burger.  It was kinda neat to see.  Next, we went out to a Bollywood movie.

Alison and Simon and me....a great group to travel with! :)
  The theater is huge!!  Almost the size of the jubilee auditorium in edmonton with a giant screen.  Everyone is so into the movie there.  People laugh really loud and cheer and clap through the movie.  The movie was all in Hindi but was pretty easy to understand since it was a typical story about a girl's team (field hockey) overcoming the odds to win a world championship.  I forgot it wasn't in my language watching it.

Today, has been a pretty nice day.  I took the morning easy while Simon and Alison went sightseeing and I am almost through the last harry potter book.  But I am off to see the markets and hopefully find a sari today.  Still waiting to hear for confirmation of my flight to oz.  Not the most organized place to be. :)  Looking forward to seeing the Taj.



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A temple worshipping Vishnu
A temple worshipping Vishnu
A bollywood movie big!
A bollywood movie big!
Alison and Simon and me....a great…
Alison and Simon and me....a grea…
photo by: oxangu2