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It has been really great so far here on the coast.  The coast is like a city with suburbs lines up on top of each other all the way down a perfect white sand beach.

It was so great to get here and catch up with Trena and Monica.  Spent most of the day relaxing on the beach and seeing surfer's paradise (the touristy area).   I saw the waves and I can't wait to go surfing again.  Trena has a couple of boards so I'm looking forward to it.

Trena's place is really beautiful....nice house.  It's so different though...feels very tropical.  The beach is a 5 minute walk away.  Monica and I went jogging along it this morning at 5:45 am (before it got too hot) and tonight we will probably head off to kung foo which mon has recently taken up (can't wait).  It is really nice to be settled in a nice place for awhile.  I might even go find a job one of these days since my teaching certifications haven't transferred over yet.  Maybe a coffee shop or something I haven't ever tried before...might be fun!

It was great to hear all about teaching in an aussie school here.  It is very tropical here and the windows are open pretty much all the time.  Most of the walls here are pretty thin so neighbors have no secrets.  You can hear everything and the birds are so loud in the morning.  It's nice though.  Monica and I have booked a trip to Fraser island this weekend and then next weekend we are going to head to Morton island with a couple of friends of Trena and Mon.

I am having an awesome time!  So good to be back with good friends and nice weather.  Don't worry though mom...I'm still coming home eventually! :)

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Gold Coast
photo by: trippin_jen