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The rats (mini cats) of the train station...yes folks, it doesn't get much better than this!

The trip to Delhi was not so good.  We had to wait at the train station for two hours since our train was delayed.  In Canada, no problemo.  India, however, much different!  The train station was outside.  There were giant rats everywhere...I took some pictures, mosquitoes everywhere (hello DEET!), and various beggers everywhere with some very disturbing physical disabilities that would not leave us alone.  They bribe the security to let them in.  Dirty children run all over the place (so much poverty) and the tracks smell of feces (people use them as a bathroom).  I wanted to be home so know those moments?

When we arrived in Delhi around 1 am, I thought I was going to lose it.  I have NEVER seen so many bugs in my life.  It was like a curtain that you had to fan your way through.  I wanted to cry.  It was about 1 am and we got out of the train station and the bugs and arrived at our hotel where our rooms had been given away so we ended up in another hotel.  Gah!  At least we had rooms.

The next day in Delhi, Allison and I said goodbye to our guide Hemand and headed to the YMCA tourist is actually really quite nice...nicer than the hotel we were in and way cheaper.  New Delhi is actually quite a nice city.  Cows don't run rampant through the streets and it is very green and the streets are smooth (no giant potholes anywhere).  It is obvious that diplomats live in the area because it is so nice.  I really enjoyed it. 

After checking into the hostel, Alison and I went shopping all day and found some nice stuff.  We headed off to the Imperial (on the same level as the Banff Springs beautiful!) hotel where we enjoyed some people and quiet and a drink.

On a complete contrast, we next headed to old delhi which was more the india we are used to.  We went to a nice little local indian restaurant (safe to eat at though) and then thought we'd wander the streets.  The streets were vary narrow though and filled with so many people wall to wall.  It was neat to see at first.  People were staring a lot but Alison and I tried to just ignore and enjoy sightseeing.  The further we got into the market though, the more out of control it got.  We had a following of adolescent boys following us and they were really hastling Alison (she was wearing a skirt just past her knees...I was pretty covered up).  They started cornering us a big and grabbing sometimes at it.  Alison is very nice and quiet and was trying to be polite but we were both getting really frustrated so we started trying to find the exit.  Eventually, I kind of lost it on them and yelled at them and was ready to hit them.  I was furious!  They were relentless.  Everyone stopped to look and it caused quite a scene but the boys looked embarassed and took off.  I forget sometimes that women just don't have the same rights here that they do in Canada.  I don't think they're used to a women yelling back.  It's like the only place they can find power is by treating women that way....doesn't go over well with me.

Today has been nice.  I am off for some tea and them am heading to Malaysia.  My flights are all mixed up so I might be stuck in Malaysia for a couple of days.  Looking forward to getting to oz.  Feeling a bit homesick.  It will be nice to meet up with some friends. :)

rubaroo says:
Oh Im sorry for that bad experience in Delhi! New Delhi is where I live...
As i realise you had pretty bad experience in India....
I wonder why your tour was made this way???? Except for jaipur/ Taj/ Delhi rest all the places were useless... Your plan was badly made by your tour operator.
Secondly about womens rights in India they are very powerful , more powerful than men Legally.

Have been reading your blog for the last 1 1/2 hours its late night 1:30 am.. Am off to sleep... WOnderfully written!!!!
Posted on: Oct 30, 2007
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The rats (mini cats) of the train …
The rats (mini cats) of the train…
New Delhi
photo by: spocklogic