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It was so weird saying good bye to Australia after having been there for awhile.  It was great visiting with Trena and Tim and Monica and Mike.  Looking forward to seeing them back in Canada.  Mon was nice enough to drive me to the train station where, literally, I made it on the train by seconds...and it was the last one of the night.

Next stop, Brisbane international.  First thing, I was super early at the airport.  When I went to check in, I wasn't listed on the flight.  So, I ended up going back and forth between agents while they tried to figure out what was going on.  Something must have happened in India while they were trying to change my flights around.  Gah.  Got on the flight.  NExt problem....the last informs me that I'm only allowed 20 kg on the flight and every extra kilo costs $20.  Gah!!  That's like.....20 x $20 = $400.  WAH!  I thought it was an international flight so you could have two bags.  Am almost in tears.....mostly a symptom of being really tired and frustrated.  She was so nice to me though....totally let it go.  Hurray for Brisbane international...they were so nice to me. 

Going through security, I (my luck is great so far) get stopped randomly for a full security check....nice.  But got on my flight and it was super nice.  I did end up in the back row though where the seats don't recline.  Ah well...Malaysian air rocks anyways.  Actually managed to fall asleep on the plane for 5 out of the 8 hours or so....

And now I am off to Bankok....quick 2 hour flight.  Glad there is no more Christmas music.  I was seriously ready to just change my flight home early.  Missing snow and decorating back home with mom....Missing snow...whoda thunk it? 

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