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Well, I have finished my Morocco journey and I cannot wait to get back to Europe (though Morocco was quite spectacular).  It was definately a bit of a culture shock.

The top things I will remember about Morocco:

1.  The VERY persistent men and their interesting expressions of approval towards women.  My personal favorite was "I am craaaazzzyyyy for your love" which was shouted out towards us on the street....resulted in a lot of laughs.

2.  The lack of women in public.  Seriously....where are they?  Since Morocco is 99% Muslim, alcohol is almost nonexistant in some places.  Instead of going to the pubs, men line the streets in sidewalk cafes to drink tea and people watch.

3.  The sound of the call to pray coming from the mosque....happens at least 5 times a day.  At first I thought it was a siren but it became part of everyday and was kind of nice.

4.  The jallabahs.  I dont think this would be so bad in Canada.  It´s like you can wear your pajamas every day.  Id be aok with that!

5.  The food.  Please no!!!! If I ever have to see a tagine again I am going to scream.  Food in Morocco is not the Moroccan food you get in Canada.  I was sick for about 80% of the trip.  So was everyone else on my trip.

6.  The great bunch of people I toured around with.  Diverse and awesome!  Hope to see them again someday!

7.  The hammam.  What can I say....there´s nothing like getting scrubbed down by a giant laughing (half naked) Moroccan women.  Haha.  Cultural experience.

8.  The bathrooms....a hole in the floor.  Seriously, that´s it.  Not so fun.

9.  The Sahara desert.  The red sand.  The setting sun.  Sleeping under the stars of the Milky way and being able to see every single one.  Absolutely incredible.

So off I go...back to Europe.  Hope to feel better soon.  Being sick makes me homesick a bit.

margmack says:
Excellent overview...would have to agree with most of it now I have been myself!!!!
Posted on: Dec 11, 2007
LindaRu says:
I cannot wait to go! I am leaving 2nd December for 2 weeks to the south of Morocco and reading your blog makes me wanna go yesterdag haha
Posted on: Nov 14, 2007
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