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Fresh water in a little town in and I tried to take the bottle home.

What a nice day. :)

Today, we started out bright and early around 6 am and went on a bus trip around Assisi and Orvieto.

We first got into a small tour bus which was exactly the same size as the one I took all through Morocco.  Mom and dad were surprised at how little leg room there was.  Luckily, we switched to a bigger, more comfortable bus for the tour.

Orvieto was first.  Orvieto is a cute little Italian town perched on top of a mountain overlooking vineyards and the surrounding area.  The town has a huge cathedral and many little cafes and narrow roads with bird that flit inbetween.  It was very nice.  Mom and dad and I checked out the cathedral and then ordered some coffee and relaxed.

Afterwards, we headed off to Assisi.

The little villa we stopped at in Italy.
  We stopped in between at a bed and breakfast type resort for an excellent lunch of pasta and fresh bread.  Yum.

Assisi was definately the highlight of the trip.  We learned a lot about St. Francis of Assisi (also the name of the school I work at back home).  We saw the cathedral of St. Francis, the tomb of St. Francis, as well as another cathedral where St. Francis died.  All the cathedrals were filled with beautiful frescos all over the walls and ceilings.  It was a very beautiful town, once again perched high on a mountain top.

After our tour, mom and dad and I headed down the Via Veneto for a nice dinner.  The food was absolutely awesome.  The service was very slow though...I think we were there for a couple of hours. :)  We enjoyed people watching and just relaxed and enjoyed it though.

The nuns headed down the street in Assisi. Very peaceful.
  Midway through, Superman...yes, thats right...I said Superman....walked down the street.  It was funny.  He was even strutting like superman in a complete costume with black slicked back hair.  It was hilarious. 

So the trip to Rome overall was great.  Tomorrow, my parents head back to Canada and I am off to Sorrento....what I remember to be a beautiful little town.  I hope it is still that way.  Its going to be weird to be on my own again after visiting with so many familiar faces. I go again. :=) 

I heard some news about Peru having an earthquake today around Ica.  I never get news but I actually saw CNN today.  I remember being there two summers ago.  It is so unbelieveable to see all the destruction.  Wish I could be there to help out.

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Fresh water in a little town in It…
Fresh water in a little town in I…
The little villa we stopped at in …
The little villa we stopped at in…
The nuns headed down the street in…
The nuns headed down the street i…
photo by: Vikram