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It was a long night on the overnight train to Aswan.  I had an egyptian guy with the worst cold next to me and the air conditioning was so cold that I pulled my sleeping bag out and crawled into it.  Surprisingly I actually got some sleep though (didnt think I would).  I am getting better at just sleeping wherever.  Don't think I would make a very good homeless person though.  I miss my bed!

The morning of the train ride was nice....we went along the nile almost the whole way and all you could see was the oasis around the river and everything beyond that is desert!  We are closer to where the Nubian people of Egypt live.  There is lots of neat stuff to buy here. 

After the long train ride, I spent the rest of my morning sitting by the pool, reading, and doing laps.  It was SO beautiful.  The pool is on the rooftop and you can see the desert and the nile from it.  The rest of the afternoon, Hailey and Jess and I walked through the markets...I think we got at least 4 marriage proposals, were offered lots of camels, and sometimes the men were just rude and we ignored them as best as we could and walked past.  It truly gets frustrating sometimes though.  It is just pathetic!  We are not dressed promiscuous or anything.  Just the culture I guess....

I found a cartouche today too...woo hoo!  Was so excited to get one.  Tomorrow, we wake at 3:30 am to join a police escort convoy to go into the desert to Abu Simbel....should be, well, cool BUT tiring. :) I forsee a pool trip in the afternoon... :)

bevh4 says:
Hi Sandylala,
Sounds like an adventure!
Posted on: Sep 11, 2007
Devika1985 says:
ur writing is very entertaining. good job!
Posted on: Sep 11, 2007
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