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Hola! Perfecto, I am done. 2 months here was enough. Great city, plenty of tapas. In Spain this is the only town that still offers free tapas with alcohol order. But I don't tend to eat and drink at the same time. Reason? A) Goal to drinking is to be comfortably numb and food saturates the buz. (B) I eat to taste the flavors and beer and smoking kills the taste. Tapas is small bar food, some places it is sausage and bread others it is gourmet. The glass of beer shrinks because of the tapas but it is a nice treat if your here for 1 week. Another cool thing is Alhamabra, it is one of the most famous sites in Spain. A huge castle like Islamic fortress sitting above the city and lies between the city and the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. I can't believe I never took a picture of Alhambra at night, oh I did, found it, sorry.

  I never took my camera out after the first week. It is lovely at night. Never had a camera therefore you miss the trip to Malaga with the cute Polish girls. Anywho, in Alhambra it is quite lovely and Matisse came here as did a whole exhibit of artist who showed life within Alhambra's walls. I liked the art exhibit. I was the only one that liked the Matisse exhibit, but it is fascinating that he used Islamic textile art to define his own art. Textiles were on display that he collected and used. I took a close up photo a door piece that was really interesting. I rented a place for a month from a Brit I found was screwing his Moroccan roommate- kinda funny. Men in underwear running between rooms at 5am.
"More girls for you and me." The Moroccan said like I was unaware it what just happened. The Brit kept talking about a girl in America who dumped him, and to his point he brought home a high heeled big haired blond that squashed into her pants and learned makeup from Phylis Diller. Have you read Animal Farm, seen the muppets? The ways we circumvent the truth is so funny! At any rate, the month was up, the flat was far from center and I had a friend in the center who let me stay at his place. Sebastian is only 20. Big ideas and I hope he does it. He and some other fellas have ideas of making gold through google adsense. One guy said he makes like 50K a year and never works, Sebastian hopes to make 5k a month and build 3-4 websites making the same. He taught me bundles of web stuff, hence the near two month stay here.
I have been working on my site 16 hours a day adding frigin adsense to every page. That was trained monkey work but now I can definitely see an increase in traffic to my sites/ like x8. Really neat. This I am told is "passive income", true too, the 16hr days will disappear from memory but the extra $100 a month after ten years adds up. Really cool!!  For awhile Sebastian and I have been picking up girls at the local hostel and bringing them back for beer at the flat. Nothing dissing Sebastian here, but he is young and not very worldly in the matters of life, if I was 20 I am sure I could have pulled any of these girls but...I need some sports analogy here! Time to retire, I feel as beat up as Bret Farve. I am 42, playing with 21-23yr old girls, it is like having a handicap of +100.
Actually I don't golf and really may not understand the whole handicap thing, but if I was to race someone 20 yards and he starts 5 yards from the finish line.  Anywho, so there was much interest in me, bubbles of enthusiasm...but the age was a killjoy. Spanish girls are lovely, yes, huge language barrier. Came close once, should have walked her home but I was having too much fun. Cest la vie. I think to have a woman close to my age but they just don't travel and when they do they stay at nice hotels and don't drink beer to all hours of the night. Change my evil ways perhaps is better. If the mice don't come to the cat, the cat must go to the mice type of thing? One last girl story. Two cause this one is short. If your 21, healthy, very healthy (chubby) American why do you wear tight t shirts that reveal this bundle of McDonalds wrappers called a tummy.
Then show me the tummy in an act of pride? Don't kids climb trees anymore. I understand if your pushing 30 or 40 or had kids having alittle bundle of joy, at 21 its just nasty. Perhaps you ought to be wearing dresses or a sweater. Maybe I am rude. Takes me to my funny story. We met this lesbian, 100% dog of a girl. She does all the crude stuff we as men do. The thing is other girls don't expect it. She joyously told me a 100 stories.

My evil lesbian twin!! She will console girls and hold them a little longer than need be to see how they respond. She will tell girls it is her first time too but she can't resist or shes tipsy, etc. A girl is hurt, she will massage her leg and move her hands alittle farther than the hurt area. The stories! She gets away with murder: short, blonde, plump, aussie studying to be a doctor! The theory she has is all women want to have a lesbian experience- she hunts straight women mainly, ugh! My arch nemesis.

Poor unsuspecting woman never sees it coming. Where when a single man walks into a room, girls run from the wolf. Funny she is- I wish I was a lesbian, oh the glory. She was like showing all the hot girls she did on facebook. I was like daaamn! But follow the logic, she too may be like a man in the regard. Two guys talking "oh yeah, I did the hot model over there." Maybe she was just making all that shit up. Either case damn cool little lady.

So now headed to do this volunteer English gig in a small village- should be exciting. The program is filled with cultural activities, neat. That is why I am here. Spanish people are really laid back, very nice. I like them. This is good and bad, I feel soft-fat and lazy here cause of the conveniences. So I have decided to see the rest of Spain, see Southern France cause of all the Templer legends I read about and then crash in Paris for a few weeks or longer.

Finally draw the truck back to England to sell. Maybe take a last haul around England and Ireland or maybe just sell her and fly. I am limiting my Europe travels, fly to Italy with my buddy, help do some stuff to his parents home. Some good muscle work there then start to backpack Italy, Greece, Eastern Europe and Amsterdam. After fly to Africa or Turkey, and build the muscles to what they should be. Europe is like America but with more history. It is easy to get soft here.

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photo by: Chokk