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You heard the lady - To the bar!
Everyone loves Scotland - especially the Scots. And I guess I'm part Scot, after all, so it's no surprise that I decided to spend one of my last weekends in the UK in the cold, wintery north. (Except it was May, so it was actually quite comfortable.)

I used my favorite website ever, (I swear I don't work for them, I just love them) to find a place to stay in Edinburgh, and I wasn't disappointed. As hostels go, it was relatively sanitary and definitely in a great location. If I didn't throw like a girl, I'd say I could have literally hit Edinburgh castle with a rock from where I was staying. The rooms had about a dozen people each, all on wobbly bunkbeds, but if you're looking to stay in luxury then you have no place booking a hostel in the first place. There was a great little music venue with a bar and cool artwork right on the ground floor, so when I got home from a day of sightseeing I had plenty to keep myself busy with. I saw a couple of bands play, and they were surprisingly good - my favorite was the boy/girl duo in matching spacesuits and an obvious Kraftwerk influence. You know what they say about Edinburgh: Come for the castle, stay for the techno. It certainly brought the charisma of the place up another level. One of these days I'll remember the name of the place and add it to this entry.
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You heard the lady - To the bar!
You heard the lady - To the bar!
This band was rad. Matching silver…
This band was rad. Matching silve…
The bands at the hostel were spons…
The bands at the hostel were spon…
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