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The (Episcopal) Diocese of Bethlehem is building schools in the Diocese of Kajo Keji, Southern Sudan. In November, I accompanied two others from our Diocese on their annual visit to our African brothers and sisters.

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November 9th, 2010Newark, New Jersey
November 10th, 2010Zurich, Switzerland
November 10th, 2010Nairobi, Kenya
November 10th, 2010Entebbe, Uganda
November 11th, 2010Entebbe, Uganda
November 11th, 2010Torit, Sudan
November 11th, 2010Lokutuk, Sudan
November 11th, 2010juba, Sudan
November 11th, 2010Yei, Sudan
November 11th, 2010Kajo Keji, Sudan
November 11th, 2010Romogi, Sudan
November 12th, 2010Liwolo, Sudan
November 13th, 2010Romogi, Sudan
November 13th, 2010Sodogo, Sudan
November 13th, 2010Dwani, Sudan
November 14th, 2010Leikor, Sudan
November 14th, 2010Romogi, Sudan
November 15th, 2010Gaderu, Sudan
November 15th, 2010Romogi, Sudan
November 16th, 2010Romogi, Sudan
November 16th, 2010Yambio, Sudan
November 16th, 2010Arua, Uganda
November 16th, 2010Entebbe, Uganda
November 17th, 2010Brussels, Belgium
November 17th, 2010Newark, New Jersey