Day 2: Parliment, Kwame Memorial Park, & Seminary School

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This morning, after breakfast, we went to Parliment. They had not begun the session so we continued to the Kwame Memorial Park. Kwame was Ghana's first president. They had a very interesting monument. It was shaped like the end of a sword sticking into the ground. When a sword is facing down it is meant to symbolize peace. There was also a bronze statue of him and a fountain. We went into a little museum with pictures and artifacts. There were even photos of him with Fidel Castro and one with JFK.

We then went back to the Parliment House. THe session had already started. It was rather interesting to watch from the public area above. I had a hard time understanding some of the people through their accents. There were some guys telling a guy that was talking to sit. There were others that would answer there cell phones or hold conversations with the people around them. The speak kept saying, "Order, order!"

We came back to the hotel for lunch and then headed to a seminary. We had an interesting drive there. We passed by many markets and street vendors. Now, when I say street vendors I mean that some of these people were literally in the street walking by the cars. It was crazy! They had everything you could imagine from food to everyday items such as toilet paper and gum. Most of the time what they were selling was stacked on their head. I was amazed at the way they were able to balance so much stuff.

The seminary was a beautiful group of buildings. We were able to meet with the dean and some other faculty. They talked with us about what they do and showed us around the complex.

We went back to the hotel for supper and then headed to the Tesano Baptist Church. They were finishing some praise and worship when we arrived. Then, we sat in on their bible study. They were talking about Paul's actions in Acts 18. I was surpirsed how involved they were in the discussion. Afterwards, we were able to talk with some of the people. It was very nice to meet all of them. Several of them told us they were excited that we will be going to the service on Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing my new friends again.

I am looking forward to the Cultural Art Center tomorrow!

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photo by: qophys