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Ornate Wall... just thought it looked pretty
Well.... thank god for that!
Got the bus to the Metro station and then the metro into the main part of Prague breaking off from the boys to go to our hostel and arranging to meet up with them later.
Our hostel wasn't a bad walk, a lot better than the distance our hostel in Rome had been from the airport pick up point; it would have been a whole lot nicer if I hadn't read in my handy lonely planet guide that this was considered the red zone for attacks on women at night. As we walked past the park, it was obvious the area that might possibly prove problematic.
But we were in Prague, we had made it and we had also found our hostel - the astounding "Hostel Jednota".
What a hostel, hehe.
Out by the old square - photo for old work buddies portrait

Okay, looking from an objective viewpoint rather than the wide-eyed shock of two girls wondering how they hell they'd ended up in this dump - we did only pay £7 a night, we didnt really expect much... but we expected a little more than we'd got.
Room was lovely, despite the slightly disturbing window that would not lock and that did not have curtains.
The hallway leading to our room was a little... scary. No lights meant you stumbled along in the dark and the long route from the room to the stairs made you feel like you were in a prison of some sort.
Showers were the worst. Not only were they unisex (which to be fair I don't mind) they were also communal (again I don't mind.... one or the other. Both? waaaaaaah!)

Upon discovering our wonderful surrounding, we promptly went out, intent on making the best of things.
Prague's clock, complete with bell ringing skeletons
Afterall, a hostel is only there for the bed (hence why we regularly spend under £10 a night for them). The excitement was out in the streets!

And we soon found that was true. We meandered our way to the Old Town Square and I took some photos of the square for a man that works back home at B&Q; very skilled painter and he always wanted to paint Prague. I noticed a bookshop (of course I would) and we went in. There were some really interesting things in there and for once it wasn't just me that was looking for stuff - Kate was looking for some musical pieces for her to play on her cello.

Passed the Clock tower, which was amazing, there were a lot of people gathered around its face. We didnt get to see it that time - too many spectators, not enough space.
Sculpture.. made out of toilets and baths.
However, later on our trip we did. Around the back of the tower was an old market, selling all sorts of things from swords to christmas decorations. We mooched around, looked in some other shops (I looked at the absinthe) and then went in search of food.

After the previous trip (in which I was berated by Kate's mother for starving her), I literally force fed Kate her meal, in a quaint little restaurant/hotel that was hidden in an alley. We made our way around the town, just getting a general gist of the layout, before heading back to Wenceslas square where we were to meet up with the two blokes.

While we were waiting, (at the toilet statue - see below) a woman, complete with tescos bags (yes they have tescos in Prague - a life saver for us later in the trip), started bemoaning.
Pretty hard to see but one of the gates at night as we walked back to the hostel.
... something. Whatever she was saying (because although I wished I knew other languages that well I really only dabble and I hadn't a clue on fast speaking manic czech), she was saying it very loudly. For this reason we were seen standing up and starting to wonder around again, wanting to avoid looking like conspicuous foreigners in from of this clearly insane lady (who turned up other nights as well - many an hour was spent puzzling over what she did).

The guys arrived and we went in search of a pub. They wanted to find a place that sold... something I can't remember. Fussy lager drinkers (I mean how can you be fussy about lager?). We finally found one and sat down outside, got our drinks only to peer inside and notice the scantly clad women on tv, the dark dingy stairwell and the perverted old men making their way down.
Somehow or another we had managed to walk ourselves right into a strip joint.
The humour to be found in our day so far was endless.

So, after a few drinks and a little wander around (in which the men of the group got themselves hopelessly lost, thinking we were at a bridge when we were a ten minute walk from the river), the blokes walked us back across the dangerous territory before braving the odds on their own after they had dropped us off. And thus ended our first night. Many giggles around and lots of chocolate biscuits too.
Oh and stumbling through the dark trying to find the keyhole to open our door... damn lightbulb!
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Ornate Wall... just thought it loo…
Ornate Wall... just thought it lo…
Out by the old square - photo for …
Out by the old square - photo for…
Pragues clock, complete with bell…
Prague's clock, complete with bel…
Sculpture.. made out of toilets an…
Sculpture.. made out of toilets a…
Pretty hard to see but one of the …
Pretty hard to see but one of the…
photo by: vulindlela