Day 1: Easyjet Hell

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I wish we would....
So, we arrive at the terminal stated on the tv, (yes I know we should probably have figured things out before now and not been so disorganised) and realised it had listed the wrong one. Not a problem we thought and got on the train for the short journey to the other terminal. Upon arriving we noticed the queue for the easyjet check in, not that long a queue (but not short either). They had yet to open the check-in desk as it was three hours before the flight was due to depart, instead of the required two hours. We got chatting to a couple of blokes behind us - Matt and Ian - who had finished uni a year or two before and also had a similar arrangement of constant travel that Kate and I sort out.
When the check-in desk finally did open, the queue moved so slowly. Not only that, but passengers that had arrived late for their flights got rushed in in front of us so the would not miss it. Those that were rushed in front of us included people flying to Marrakech which departed two minutes before the flight to Prague. We finally get to the check in desk with 30 minutes until departure, get our tickets and rush to the security check... well we would have done if the queue had not been so ridiculously long. Due to post 7/7 and 9/11 stress on British airway security, the back up was horrendous. This is no exaggeration. There were two queues, they went around the terminal and met in the middle of the other side.
We had been told by Easyjet to go right through to the front, however when we queried this with a security guard he told us that this was not possible - that to be put through to the front a representative from the airline you had booked with would have to walk you through. I rushed Kate back to the Check-in desk (which after the mad rush was now closing down) and asked them to walk us through. They refused.
I shouted.
We had arrived with plenty of time, it was Easyjet's mistake which had caused us to be delayed in such a fashion. Managed to convince the girl at the disk (with my wit and charismatic personality) that she would ring ahead and hold that plane for us.
So, that sorted out, we rushed back to the security queue and ran into Matt and Ian again. We looked for the shortest queue and just happened to be walking past the entrance to the baggage check which was left clear for people trying to walk past and managed to cut in to the front (for which I shall ever be apologetic and grateful to the people behind us for!). The security guard on one side told everyone to split into two lines and we got to take advantage of this before the other security guard noticed someone else trying to move in the same direction we did and cordoned the queue off.
We got through security and literally sprinted our way to the gate where an air hostess was waiting for us. "Miss McGrath?" she questioned as we ran at her. I nodded and she recorded our names and got us on the last bus that had been waiting for us. She revealed that six other passengers had not turned up although their bags were in the holding bay, no doubt also victim to the useless service of easyjet
We climbed aboard the plane, huffing and puffing and unable to sit near each other, with the other passengers glaring at us for daring to hold up the flight.
Usually I would be the same, except I'm not anymore. I understand that sometimes it's just not the passenger's fault. Well.... screw them anyway.

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I wish we would....
I wish we would....
photo by: Vikram