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A group of us planned to go downtown, buy a drink at a hotel bar, then use their pool. Apparently, it had worked for one of the girls in the group before. We all try to squeeze into two taxis. Nope. They don't want to overload and risk getting caught by the police. We split up and hope not to lose anyone on the way.

First hotel. The pool is closed and under construction. Okay. Let's go to the Sofitel across the plaza. Sure, it's more pricey, but the prospect of a hot shower and a sink excites us enough to give it a shot. So we spend about 30 minutes ordering drinks, pay the bill, and pairs of us slowly inch our way to the pool. Nothing says more obvious than a large group of dusty white students crashing the pool at the one five-star hotel in town.

As me and another girl come out of the pool bathroom from changing into our swimsuits, some of the guys we are with slowly walk by us, their hands straight by their sides, looking straight ahead. Like a ventriloquist, Chris whispers under his breath, "Uhhh...apparently we got kicked out. So, if you want to swim, don't act like you know us."

Crap, that didn't work. We don't want to leave others behind while we swim and they can't. We meet them back outside. Some people go home, some split off, a group of four of us decide to walk around until dinner. We explore a tiny local beach where people are playing soccer in the water, wet our feet. After getting hassled for about two hours, even being stalked by this sketchy old man, I find the same Lebanese restaurant we ate at last week. We eat an awesome meal in the comfort of an air conditioner and filtered ice.

Hopefully, our weekend plans to hang out as a group works out well...

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