Wait...This Feels A Lot Like Yesterday

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Of course, I wake up late. Even in Senegal, I can't wake up when my alarm clock goes off. The only perk of waking up late is not having to pay for breakfast. I get fed breakfast in my house for the first time in two weeks. It's odd. I head to Les Ambassades anyway to have a comfortable place to work and write. Huh. Just like yesterday.

I finish writing and outlining some of my paper and presentation, and head back to On The Run for lunch. I order a pizza (not the most delicious appetizer) and continue working. Huh. Just like Yesterday. (Oh! But, suddenly in the midst of all the hip-hop and French rap playing over the sound system comes "I'm Trading My Sorrows" - the Christian praise song. Yeah. I was laughing out loud and people were giving me looks.)

The iPod is thrown on and I start the trek to Suffolk. Huh. Just like Yesterday.

I get to work in the lab until 7:30. Though I got a lot accomplished, I still haven't printed out pictures I promised to deliver to the fruit lady and to the tailor.

Frustrations are still endless. Ken wants us to leave early so he can go watch a wrestling match that is going on in town. All of us look at each other in awe. This guy is insane. We have a project due in a day and he thinks we have enough time to just leave early. No - we are staying and using all of our alloted lab time! The power may not even come on tomorrow, and then where would we be!

Ugh. I was never so glad to get home and just read a book instead of work.
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