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Thank God for Les Ambassades. I head to my guilty-pleausre hide-out for breakfast and to get writing. Writing and writing and wriitng. I catch a glimpse of Frankie, Kathryn, and Chelsea all doing the same at a table across from me.

By the time I'm done, it's almost lunch time. So I walk from one Western-style food joint to another. I just don't have the extra time to deal with ordering dishes I can't pronounce. Our final week will give me enough time for that.

At the On The Run, I order a pita and grab a seat, whipping out my notebook to continue writing again. Aidan comes in to grab some lunch as well. We chat for a bit while eating, I finish up my work and take a walk to the Elton gas station. Walking there with my iPod brought a lot of attention. I never have been shouted at so much in my life. Either people trying to slow me down, sell me something, or get me to ride their car rapide (which never happens to anyone who lives here).

After grabbing a lychee soda at Elton, I head over to Mohammed's jewelry stand I visted a few weeks back for a photo assignment. Hey, I promised to come back and buy something from him, so I pick up some jewelry (probably way overpriced) and head to Suffolk. At least I got rid of some of my big bills.

Surprise. There's no power at Suffolk. David shows up, and I chat with him for a while. Time to kill time. I take a walk and buy a lemon merangue tart at a bakery (yum!). Then I head to the fancy expat bookstore to browse.

I return just in time to get into the lab with everyone else. There is a GOD! Power-rich lab time until 9 P.M.!!!! Ohhhh, it was amazing. I got so much accomplished in a good chunk of time. Thank God the power didn't flicker even once in six hours.

I get home and eat, play with baby Binta (who fell on her head and didn't even get upset), and stay up until midnight working. Ahh, if tomorrow is a repeat of this afternoon, I might die and go to heaven.
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