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Let's recap Friday. Two words. ETHIOPIAN FOOD. We all search for this Ethiopian restuarant, where the waitress takes us up to the rooftop terrace with cushioned low couches surrounding a low, long table. We order a bunch of random stuff and eat under the shade of a stretched piece of fabric overhead, thin enough to let in just the right about of sunlight.

Friday night, we want to go out, but decided it's best to eat dinner with our families first since we disappeared Thursday night. Basically, people are too lazy to meet up, so Chris and I find a bar near to our neighborhood to listen to the band inside. They're this cool mix of jazz, funk, blues, and local sounds. It's pretty sweet. I get a Coke, he gets a Flag, and we chat for about an hour and a half. We make plans to go swimming the next day at the Sofitel. The legit way. Not getting kicked out.

After parting ways, I head back home at around 1 A.M. I feel bad because my brother is outside waiting for me to return so he can let me in the gate. Before I left, I asked if there was a set time I needed to return, but they said 'no'. I feel kind of guility and bad.

I thank him for opening the door for me. As I am heading upstairs towards my room, one of the neighbors who I have met and seen visit the house many times before, enters with one of my uncles. They follow me up the stairs. At the landing, he stops me (I think he may have been slightly drunk) and starts asking questions about why Americans are the way they are. At least, that's what I think he is asking. I can't completely understand. So I spend the next thirty minutes or so, freakishly tired, explaining my opinions on the problems of American youth as best I can. He finally seems satisfied with my answers about the failing public school system, and simply nods his head in deep pensive thought. I take the opportunity of his silence to yawn. He gets the hint and finally says goodnight. That was awkward - again.

The next morning, I wake up wanting to get some laundry done before Chris calls to meet up to head downtown. However, no one seems to want to give me answers. I get my breakfast oddly late, at 11:30, and when they finally say I can do laundry, I have to leave. I finally figure out, just as am about to walk out the door, that I need to give my dirty clothes to one of the women on Monday.

Chris and I grab a taxi to the Sofitel downtown, and find out that we can pay to use the pool today. Only on Sundays can you buy a meal at the restuarant to gain acess to the pool facilities. So, we head out in search for lunch and a calling card for Chris to put money on his phone. After walking around for about an hour, we eat lunch at this place called 'Ali Babba.' We split a pizza with really funky cheese, and then head back to the hotel for some nice R & R.

After paying about $10 each to use the pool, we grab some hotel towels and find some lounge chairs overlooking the beach. Ahhh. Chris looked estatically happy. It was hilarious. He whipped out his iPod shuffle, I bought some postcards to start writing, and life was good. Jumping in the pool felt like cooling cream oozing all over my body. That may sound weird, but after being dusty and sweaty for two weeks straight, it was such a heavenly feeling. We hanged out at the pool for about six hours. (We even saw Candace, the photographer who came to speak to us, at the pool immersed in a book. So we aren't the only non-guests taking advantage of the ritziest place in town.)

We take advantage of the Western supermarket located nearby to do some snack shopping. Chris loads up on Coke Light; I load up on Orangina.

The nice capper for our excusion was during the taxi ride home. While stopped in traffic, a street vendor tried to sell Chris some porn through the taxi window. All we could do was laugh all the way back.

I'm sad to say that that was the last of the fun experiences for the day. I returned home having to deal with the children more than I have before. One boy spit on my arm, and another tried to get me to smoke a cigarette butt they had found on the floor (by shoving it in my face).

And I have another full day tomorrow. It's either going to be awesome or a pain.


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