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Les Ambassades again. No surprise there. It's going to be weird not showing up there every morning. Chelsea is waiting outside. She's waiting for Jay so they can go to the Cap Verde embassay to pick up their visas. (They're taking a side trip there after the program is over.) She orders a choclate bread; I order a croissant and lemon tea. We try calling Jay's cell phone at least six or seven times. No luck. The final time I try his cell, we see him walking in the door. Chelsea leaves me money to pay for her breakfast and they head out.

I stay around, as usual, and proofread my paper for a couple of hours. I grab a taxi to head over to Suffolk. I really need to finish working on my pictures for my presenation. I get into the cab and almost get to where I need to go. Alright, I tell the taximan to go past the Elton station. Wait. Wait. Go past it. Not pull into it. He pulls into the station to get his tires filled with air. Uh. EXCUSE ME. I have to get somewhere and I am paying you to do that now. Not after you get you're errands done! I just throw the money at him and get out. At least I can walk the rest of the way from here.

As I'm walking towards Suffolk, I see Natalie coming towards me. She delivers the harsh news that the power's out again. I love how she smiles and shrugged her shoulders as she told me. We all are so over this power outage thing. So we head back up to Elton's cyber cafe to work. I finish my paper!!! But that's all I can do without Photoshop and Bridge. So I head to the bookstore and grab lunch at the sandwich stand behind Suffolk. I swear. That was the best chicken sandwich of my life. Oh, I need a snack now.

I head back up to the lab until the power cuts off again at 2:45. (Isn't great how I know precisely what time we lose power...ohh, it's taken over my life.) At least I've gotten the bulk of what I needed to get done out of the way. So I take a break and head to the nearest grocery store to buy water and a tootbrush (my old one fell on the gross bathroom floor the day before).

I return and wait and dash back into the lab when the power finally returns. Yet, it goes out AGAIN. The groaning and complaining start to fill the room. I just return to Elton to work as much as I can. Jay had the same idea. Being the day our stuff is supposed to be finished, Souleye is hosting a cocktail party for us and our families. So Jay and I share a cab to SIT.

We enter the SIT courtyard, filled with chairs and people. Awkward people. Awkward people sitting with their respective students waiting for the band to set up. Gabby, one of the musicians who came to lecture us on traditional intruments, brought his band to entertain. My homestay brother and his creepy friend are there. I grab them some drinks from the kitchen, and my brother shares his plate of local party snacks.

Souleye opens us the festivities with a nice speech in French and Wolof. After thanking the families, the staff, the teachers, and the students, the band begins to play. At least they are entertaining. Otherwise, I have to say the get-together was awkward and boring. Barely any of the familiy members talked with each other or with us. We just enjoyed the music, and the dancing that Souleye initiated (who else?).

At least someone from my family showed up. Frankie's family didn't even bother to come to the party. However, my brother's friend that came was so sketchy...did I mention how sick I am of people hitting on me. Oh my gosh. No! I'm not married! No! I don't have a boyfriend! AND NO! I don't want to talk about me tonight!

I walk home with Chris while on a very amusing phone call with my mom. Let's just say Chris was entertained just from my odd responses during the conversation with my mom. At home, I write a poorly phrased thank you note to my family. Momo, my brother, had told me his birthday was coming up. So in true American fashion, I gave him a birthday present - my Wake Forest cap and a set of Charlotte playing cards.

My little cousin, Fa, the annoying little girl, is really making me sick of al lthe kids in the house. She just is the little diva and has no patience whatsoever. I try talking with her, but it gets to the point where she just is basically screaming at me. I need to pack my things to leave tomorrow. I try explaining to her that I have to stay in my room to do that, but of course, she doesn't even shut up to understand. Keep in mind this girl is only five. Even in my room, she is screaming at me to come out.

Dinner is at 10 p.m. I rush to the shower, finish packing, and attempt to sleep.

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